Angular vs React vs Vue Which is The Best JavaScript Framework in 2019 and Beyond? When it comes to frameworks, you’re almost poor for choice these days. In this article, we hope to make that decision a little easier.

JavaScript frameworks have been growing at a rapid pace. Developers across the world have adapted to and adopted JavaScript as the premier tool to develop complex web applications and Mobile Application. There are many JavaScript frameworks which are available. Most widely used amongst them are React.JS, Angular.JS, and Vue.JS. However, these three popular frameworks face a stiff competition, between themselves, to come out as the first choice for any web app developer. This blog is focussed on finding out which of these have caught the eyes of the developer, the most.

Comparison of Angular and React and Vue

React.js, Angular.js and Vue.js have continued to strike it big as premier web development frameworks. However, each one of them has certain pros and cons, which makes choosing between them, a challenging task. Let’s take a deeper look.

React JS

  • A JavaScript Library, React.JS is a supreme tool to build any web application.
  • Apart from being easier to learn, there is no real need for a React.JS developer to go deep into mastering typescript.
  • Expertise in HTML coding is one of the important prerequisites to hire a React.JS developer. Every React.JS Company would do well to hire a React.JS developer with proficiency in HTML or XHTML.
  • React.JS can also handle a higher load of application development, in an easy way.
  • Apart from being light weighted and very quick to respond, React.JS facilitates a smooth and hassle-free migration between versions.
  • One of the other major highlights with React.JS is that it adapts well to SEO compliant applications, which is a major requirement from customers, for any React.JS company. React.JS runs on the server.

However, there are some challenges associated with the React.JS framework too. Learning React.JS, though easy, make be time-consuming, especially for new React.JS developers. Hence to Hire React.JS developers, React.JS development companies, look to a certain degree of subject knowledge.


Angular.JS is another popular framework which is predominantly used for building highly interactive web applications. The main reason why Angular.JS is widely preferred is that it is a tool which is fully compliant and works well with other libraries. Modifying the salient features of Angular.JS, to suit a customer’s requirement is easy. Angular.JS companies look to hire Angular.JS developers with expertise in HTML, CSS and the ability to develop codes which work with different browsers. When clients look at Native Apps, Web Apps or Mobile Apps, Angular.JS Development companies, come up to the forefront. However, unlike React.JS, Angular.JS facilitates coding as a typescript. In this way, Angler’s two-way approach makes it easy for Angular.JS developers, to develop code. Another popular factor which works for Angular.JS is that it involves dependency injection, a concept which analyses how components can get hold of their dependencies. This makes the code cleaner and easier to understand. Angular.JS companies look to hire Angular.JS developers with exposure to JavaScript and working knowledge of CSS or Cascading Stylesheets. Any Angular.JS developer will also find coding easy due to the fact that Angular is based on MVC architecture and it allows developers to build code considering 3 different sections – Model, View, and Controller. This model is not available in either React.JS or Vue.JS frameworks. Some of the other notable features which support hiring an Angular.JS developer are,

  • Being built and maintained by Google, Angular.JS markets itself.
  • As it makes use of HTML for coding, Angular.JS is more intense in nature.
  • Compared to some of the other JavaScript frameworks, Angular.JS is more of a complete and comprehensive solution, without the need of any additional plugins.

However, for fresh Angular.JS developers, it is imperative, that they get a good grasp of the various components which Angular.JS framework uses. Else it could be a challenging beginning to the way forward.

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Vue.js is another keenly followed JavaScript framework. Vue.JS developers are mainly hired by Vue.JS development Companies, who are into creating highly adaptable user interfaces and sophisticated single-page applications. Some of the key features of Vue.JS which enables Vue.JS development companies, to hire the right talent, are its flexibility. Vue.JS developers can structure the app, suiting their development style. Being a preferred language for front-end development, most of the Vue.JS development companies look at Vue.JS developers with expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. One of the notable positives working with Vue.JS which has facilitated the growth of Vue.JS Development companies can be its light weight. In addition, to consider a Vue.JS developer is easy for a potential client because of some additional capabilities like,

  • It is far easier to understand and develop, compared to its immediate competitors.
  • Compared to other JavaScript frameworks, Vue.JS is preferred by Web app developers to build single page applications.
  • In addition to this, where Vue.JS scores as well are in its ability to add multiple value-added components to the existing application.
  • To hire a Vue.JS developer is not as complicated a task for companies, compared to many of the other JavaScript frameworks, as Vue.JS is a flexible framework. It also has a comprehensive documentation in place, which makes it very easy for first-time developers to grasp the module. All they would now need is some exposure to HTML and CSS.

However, Vue.JS is yet to reach the identity levels of either a React.JS or an Angular as Vue.JS still has a pretty small market share in comparison with React or Angular, which means that knowledge sharing in this framework is still in the beginning phase. Though Vue.JS has miles to go before it can start catching the eyes of companies and developers, it is picking up at a much rapid rate and can be a tough competitor in the years to come.

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Having taken a closer look at the three major JavaScript frameworks, one would conclude that it is not an easy task to choose the best. All the three of them have their share of advantages and disadvantages. However, it is not just the performance which matters. With technology making rapid strides, compatibility across platforms also plays a pivotal role, though a web application differs from a mobile app. As things stand now, React.JS and Angular.JS are more of known names amongst developers and development companies worldwide. But having said that, do not count Vue.JS out, in any way whatsoever. It is coming fast, to put more questions into the developer’s heads, worldwide.

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