Most Notable Reason for Job Change

The World is fast turning out to be a very complicated and competitive place to live. The rapid advance, made by technology, has no doubt eased the process of making a swift fortune, but at the same time, increased competition, immensely, say ten folds! This has affected both, the companies and employees, alike. Companies, from the point of view that they have to scale up resources, to meet the present day market need or employ new strategies, to stay in the hunt and employees, from the point of view of job security and sustainability. Especially, the effect is seen more on the employees, who tend to switch jobs, more often than not. But is technology the only factor for this job hopping? Read on to know more about the top notable 10 reason for job change.

“A Rolling Stone Gathers No Mass”

Job Change: What warrant’s it?

  • The earlier era, as we would like to call it as, would see almost 80% of people, trying to stick on to one single job, as soon as they got it.
  • The reasons attributed to this were many. Most visualized reasons were job stability or dire domestic necessities or even value, as far as no of years of experience goes.
  • Though these circumstances still prevail, amongst certain sections of employees, the tendency to shift jobs, at short intervals, is on a high.
  • The reasons attributed to these job changes, on the part of the employees, could be seen as either understandable to just terrible!
  • Everybody would like to work in a fast paced environment, looking at the way; technology has changed the business world.
  • However, as an employee, you need to keep learning, to meet with the rapid changes in the business world, irrespective of whether you work in a slow paced or a fast paced environment.

Reasons which could be thought about for frequent job change

  • Staying in the same organization for a very long period of time, these days, tends to develop a rusty mind, amongst employees and a genuine reluctance to adapt to new changes. They are completely out of touch, with what is happening, in the outside world, by getting glued to just what happens within the four walls of their work place. This is paved in the way reason for job change.
  • As explained a little while earlier, work in a slow paced work environment, where the growth of the organization, is that slow, so as to propel an employee to look for a fast paced workplace and growth potential. This is becoming one of the primary reason for job change since long time.
  • One of the most feared reason for job change could also be anti-propaganda, on the part of disgruntled and frequently dissatisfied employees, who always spread negative vibes, with respect to any organization or its management. This may repeat in every new organization, irrespective whether it is a startup company or an established firm, which can demotivate employees.
  • Employees tend to feel a bit incompetent to face any new challenges, for e.g. if they have been given an opportunity to contribute in an area, out of their experience or expertise zone. This can get the employee feel a bit incompetent and get him/ her, restless, though momentarily, but force them to take a hasty decision.
  • The common reason for a better offer cannot be ruled out. In addition to this, there is always that feeling in the mind of some employees, to explore newer ways to reach a particular objective, like getting promoted to a higher position for e.g.
  • Another reason which could be thought about is feeling isolated or ignored at the present job, by the management as well as colleagues, for reasons unknown, despite putting up a good show.
  • Lack of an opportunity to show your talent and not finding any opportunities to express your ideas, towards the growth of the organization, despite frequent attempts, may not go down well with certain section of employees.
  • The proximity of a close colleague shifting jobs could also motivate an employee to think of changing jobs, without giving due attention to the prospects, he could have in growing up in the present job.
  • Frequent traveling out of town is also seen for frequent job changes on the part of employees. However, this could not be limited to just one single organization. This is more than likely to repeat, depending on the job requirement. However, employees tend to take this as a reason and take quick fire decisions.
  • The most thought about reason which is also quite common amongst employees is either being asked to stay late, beyond working hours or even being asked to work during holidays, on a very frequent basis. This reason is one of the most practiced by employees, irrespective of their position within an organization, which propels the idea for a job change.

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Revisit and Recap

Why do employees jump jobs very often?

Reasons are many for this. However the most common causes could be attributed to lack of growth prospects, delayed salary on a frequent basis as well as quarrel with the management.

Is frequent job change, good for an employee’s career prospects?

Changing jobs frequently can prove good as well as bad for employees. Where frequently changing jobs, may not help in gaining the new employer’s confidence, in terms of remaining loyal to an organization, on the other hand it is more or less looked at as an opportunity to meet new people and learn something new, which can collectively help an employee’s aim, in the future.

How does a new employer look at a frequent Job Hopper?

A new employer always look at a frequent job hopper as a threat as there is no guarantee on his staying with the organization for a long period of time.

Job Hopper?

A Job hopper is the one who changes jobs on a very frequent basis. Various reasons can be seen, for employees to change jobs frequently, which include growth prospects.

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