Build Remote Work Team Ensure Productivity and Business Delivery in this Adversity

Many organizations have been struggled earnest for seamless productivity and business continuity after covid-19. But  building a great remote work team can be a complete solution and it enabled you to continue your process seamlessly and dedicatedly.

COVID-19 and The Global Economy

As every New Year, when it dawns, is looked forward to with great expectations all around the world, so was 2020! More so because it was the start of a new decade which raised lot of hopes and promises. But what happened and continues to happen, is something no one us would have ever dreamt of or imagined. One of the most unexpected fears in the form of COVID 19 continues to rule the world with ruthlessness as never seen before.

December 31st 2019 saw something emerge in Wuhan, China, which has taken the whole world by storm and that was the first glimpses of what the dangerous Corona Virus, had for the whole world. Not only millions of lives are lost but in addition, the world economy has plummeted to unprecedented depths with most of the top countries being completely engulfed by COVID 19.

The Art of Crisis Management

The secret behind any crisis management is not good vs bad. It is about preventing the bad from getting worse. Few have really been able to maintain their composure and devise strategies by looking at what is to come ahead. Setting an example in this case with a degree of great commitment, focus and direction is,

DeveloperOnRent – Setting an example through Remote Working

With technology now allowing people to connect anytime, anywhere, to anyone in the world and from any device, the way companies have started to look at remote working has changed considerably. As such, it is not the strongest of organizations that will survive during a crisis moment, but the one, that is most responsive to a change. DeveloperOnRent has been one organization, which has embraced these changes and evolved as an example. By adopting the remote working methodology, designed in a structured manner, the company continues to progress at great pace.

s much as remote working is beneficial, it comes with its share of challenges too. With remote teams comprising of a diverse workforce, based out of different countries and different time zones, it is a challenge to ensure that the team is always in the right frame of mind. DeveloperOnRent has been able to bridge the time and cultural gap to a large extent by introducing cultural exchange programs as a part of creating a feel of unity and common responsibility among its remote teams. They have also made sure that the team is well equipped with the right assets, tools and techniques like Smartsheet, ZOHO for Project Management, and Virtual Meeting avenues etc. thereby ensuring a continuous communication between the teams, team leaders, management and more importantly, customers, to ensure timely delivery of the products and projects to customers. This way, DeveloperOnRent has also ensured that its capabilities and ideas are visible all across the organization- ultimately enhancing collaboration.

Ensuring Development and Productivity with Dedicated Remote Work Team

One of the key segments of the Information Technology sector continues to be software development. Being a team sport, it becomes more necessary for remote developers to work as a team to solve complex issues. DeveloperOnRent has played a very influential role in maintaining a close bond and trust with the organization and with its remote team members, by giving them freedom to work conveniently and confidently. Thereby, Productivity is also achieved and every developer feels included and experiences on-going growth and development on a regular basis.

Remote Hiring – An Exceptional Skillset of DeveloperOnRent

Many companies hiring candidates for remote positions might prefer previous remote working experiences. However this shrinks the talent pool and the company loses out on fresh and capable talent. The plus point with DeveloperOnRent has been its ability to provide a sophisticated tech set up and create a collaborative environment, before setting up the desired remote team. As a result, they have been able to establish a strong and trustworthy employer brand online, which helps candidates, irrespective of their location, can visualize themselves as a part of the DeveloperOnRent Team.


While being knowledgeable and concerned about the growing uncertainties in the markets due the COVID 19 crisis, DeveloperOnRent has neither allowed the situation to get too much into themselves nor into their employees. With a cohesive team of effective and ethical individuals whose strategies to combat challenges continue to make a great impact, the company has been able to attract, hire, build and retain remote teams with a great degree of perfection.

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