The influence of mobile phones, especially smart phones on our day to day life, is there for all of us to see. Over the years, the mobile app development technology too has continued to see sequential and phased changes. With newer, upgraded, software versions, mobile phones, powered by either android or iOS, continue to see changes as they unfold.The latest contribution, under the influence of changing technology is, innovative Mobile VR or Virtual Reality.

What is Virtual Reality Technology all about?

Before we get into our core subject about how Mobile VR has influenced the retail industry, it would be good to get a brief idea about VR or Virtual Reality.  Though VR is not entirely new, as one would claim it to be, it had seen some silent phases, in the past couple of decades, before re-emerging, hard and strong. Virtual Reality Technology can be described as a realistic computer system which can create imaginary worlds around us. Many devices were seen being upgraded to VR versions. One such popular and household device, our very own mobile phone, wasn’t to be either left far behind, or ignored, by the VR revolution.

How does Virtual Reality work?

The Human Brain is blessed with an ability to think, memorize and arrive at decisions on a wide range of subjects. However, the difference between real and virtual reality, can be best understood here.It takes a computer to trick your brain and prepare you to live a virtual life!  Audio and Video play a crucial role in this set up which involves, additional VR compatible devices, like a headset. What the headset does is to generate a 3 D image of whatever object or subject you are viewing and practically get you there and make you feel as if you are physically present at the area, though you would be miles away from it. Though Virtual Reality is more oriented towards movies and gaming, the other sectors where it could be effectively deployed is training and medical procedures.

Let’s get back to where we actually set out for, through this blog.

Mobile App Development and Retail Industry

Virtual Reality has been a trendsetter. The Retail Industry has seen it as much as the other industries. It can be safely concluded that mobile VR technology, has put the retail sector, into an altogether, different pedestal. With online shopping and e-commerce, being the more preferred sources, by business establishments, including the retail sector, the application of the VR technology, through mobile phones, offers a perfect platform for the retail shops and opens a wide opportunity for them, to sell their items. There is no single, specific virtual platform, for businessman into retail, to project their items as it can be sold on different virtual platforms and retailers can open a virtual store for the customers in the future, and people would be benefited with a doorstep delivery service. In that case, they can offer a virtual store where they can sell the products to the customers. The implementation of Mobile VR Technology will help retailers analyses the sale pattern, sale trend, customer reaction and product acceptability. This technology will be beneficial in various ways and will have tremendous effect on retail sections. Customers will also able to review the items and services of the brand.

Exciting times for Retail Sector with Virtual Reality Technology

The Virtual Reality Technology is set to change the way retailers think of going about their businesses. Customer satisfaction and service, being the backbone of any business, retailers in particular, can look forward to giving their customers, an enthralling shopping experience, by eliminating customer pain points and creating a personalized shopping experience. Customers though, have to get used to the add-on VR accessories and devices, like headsets, which are necessary.Mobile VR technology would suit those retail customers more, who stand to lose more, without it! With mobile phones becoming a part and parcel of our life, it is pretty obvious that customers would like to have that memorable shopping experience. It is also a fact that customers would look for a seamless and flawless communication channel, irrespective of the medium of business promotion, an organization would have adopted, for e.g. the internet or a call centre connected with business process outsourcing activities. The VR technology simplifies the methods of gaining access to critical information from retail point of view like inventory, order and product shipping info, thereby allowing the customer to track his shipment and improve his overall user experience. As far as the retail sector is also concerned, integrating the current trade ecosystem with advanced Mobile VR technologies can bring in a plethora of benefits.

Virtual Reality Glasses

One of the standout evolution, brought about by the Virtual Reality technology is the virtual reality glasses. Lighter and more comfortable to wear, these glasses incorporate a diverse range of various other interactive devices. The virtual reality glasses, in specific help the user, to obtain a three dimensional image of the object, he is viewing. The objective of presenting the user with a realistic world, similar to the real world, is thereby achieved.


The digital world is seeing a rapid convergence of the physical and virtual situations. The retail sector, as a result, is subjected to providing, a more enthralling customer experience, which can have a positive effect, on e-commerce based business development approaches and mediums. With more of an educative and entertainment oriented approach, businesses are finding VR technology and the benefits gained out of it, much to their liking, as they engage consumers and customers, with real life like experiences. Consumers are certain to see a couple of rewards out of the Virtual Reality technology like, cutting marketing costs and providing advanced analytics, for a focused marketing effort.

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