Brush your software development team up with these in demand skills to excel in the remote work during COVID-19.

Skills in Demand When Building a Remote Working Team

Six months into year 2020 and the process of working in general has completely changed. As COVID-19 outbreak, business entities, across the world, have started to endorse the idea of remote working, for their employees. It’s not that Remote working wasn’t a part of organizations’ employment program earlier. Thanks to the prevailing circumstances, it’s become the next best way to take businesses forward.

While many of us would still understand remote working as an opportunity to work from home, it’s not exactly limited to just that. A Remote working team can comprise of members who could be based anywhere, either within different cities across a particular country or even overseas. Depending upon the nature of a project and skills in demand, organizations would like to build a remote working team, comprising of developers who have varied skillsets. As such, this makes it equally important for aspiring developers, to get well-equipped with skills in demand, which can give organizations more options to utilize them accordingly. Let’s get into those straight away and find what top skills are in demand.

Top 6 Skills in demand in the Remote Workforce this 2020

Technology throws in new challenges and subsequently newer options arise for developers to choose from.  As far as remote working is concerned, here are few options that come before us.


If you have been creative and a problem solver, then perhaps staying with writing impeccable codes for your projects can be a good option. Writing software codes continues to be equally an exciting skills in demand to possess as much challenging it can get. It can be a very good option to be a part an enthusiastic team of coders forming a dynamic remote working team.

Web Development

Websites continue to be the popular tool for companies to gain more visibility with respect to their nature of business activity. Web developers develop codes to power both front end and back end of the websites. These developers working on both front end and back end are referred to as full stack developers. Front end development tools like JavaScript, CSS, and React continue to be popular though there are other tolls which are not far behind. Among the back end technologies, Scala, Django and Express.js have been able to influence developers to choose them over the rest.

WordPress Developer

WordPress is one of the most popular content management platforms. Many businesses, big or small, make use of WordPress platform to power their websites. Being easy to install, understand and flexible to use, WordPress helps you manage websites from any computer. WordPress Development is area most suiting a remote work environment. Companies can even promote thought provoking blogs on WordPress sites and gain more visibility for their nature of business.

Web Designers

A Web Designer is different from a Web Developer. While a Web Developer develops applications and functionality for the internet, a Web Designer is a graphic artist who develops objects and styles them for the internet. Web Designers work on prominent design tools like HTML and CSS, to design the overall layout and look for the web sites and in turn deliver the all-important first impression to the end user.

UX Designers

UX Designers possess excellent abilities which include a creative and research oriented mindset, aimed at giving the best possible user experience to the end user. A UX Designer can work from remote location and contribute by playing a very specific and important role and thus be a useful member in the remote team of web developers.

Python Developers

Python Developers are one of the most sought after professionals across the world. The thought process behind developing web applications and data visualizations for premier fields like Scientific Research, Big Data and Machine Learning etc. is credited to the guile and intelligence of Python Developers. Under the prevailing circumstances, possessing a skillset of using Python as a formidable development tool has come out as a worthy and successful choice for companies taking up projects involving a remote development team.

While Remote Working has its pros and cons attached to it, it is all about how the cons can be minimized and turned into advantages. Here’s where few have been able to match DeveloperOnRent, pioneering ahead with remarkable confidence  in adverse circumstances, as during normal circumstances.

Something refreshing and new every day; The DeveloperOnRent Way

For DeveloperOnRent, an organization that has worked its way by thinking beyond simple concepts, it is their ideas that matter and imagination that speaks. While the organization has been successfully able to maintain the pros of a remote working environment by increased productivity, better management of time and adopting flexible working hours, it has been able to greatly minimize the challenges faced too, by ensuring data security and continued collaboration from its remote work force.


DeveloperOnRent’s ability to embrace new changes in technology and translate the knowledge gained into immediate action has been of ultimate competitive advantage. While remote working is going to be the new norm, in order to maintain productivity, it is also essential to address operational challenges that come along with it. DeveloperOnRent has been successful in creating a remote working atmosphere for its developers in a more structured way. Developers have been the moving force behind DeveloperOnRent’s achievements as an organization. Maintaining a good employee sentiment by helping balance the professional and personal lives of employees has been handled by DeveloperOnRent with a great degree of character

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