We have heard about the world having had to face uncertainties over various periods of time in the past. But I am sure most of us would agree that there has been nothing more severe than the present COVID 19 Pandemic, which has completely turned the world upside down, if I would like to put it that way! Not only has it claimed millions of lives across many countries but has also severely dented many smooth sailing businesses as well as prospective businesses which were being planned.

With most of the countries having slipped into a complete Lockdown mode since the past 2 months, there has been a severe effect on global economy as the world now goes through one of its worst recession times. For all the organizations big or small, it is about surviving the pandemic first and subsequently plan strategies to build economy by putting businesses back on track.  The Pandemic business recovery plan has to be strategized right now during the period of lockdown so that things can get moving as soon as the period of Lockdown ends.

Way forward – Post Pandemic

Not so long ago, companies extended the option of remote working to its employees, based only on dire necessity and after hearing a genuine reason only. But today, thanks to the pandemic, the very same companies have started to see remote working as the best available option, not only to keep its employees safe from the pandemic, but at the same time contribute to the organization in a more productive way too! What do companies need to do to get back on track? Here are few points which can be considered.

Planning your recovery strategy

Building a remote team or revamping an existing team needs to be meticulously planned. The period of Lockdown should help you as an organization; study your position and your market stability with the objective of where you plan to be in the few years’ time, post the pandemic. The plan should indicate what you need to do today to achieve your objectives tomorrow.

Building a software development remote team

A global pandemic of this magnitude can change the way an organization looks at itself as well as the business world at large.  While remote team building is seen as a confidence and productivity booster during these times, it is also important to think about re-organizing and re-structuring your entire remote software development team. In all likelihood, your culture and identity as an organization will change as a result of the pandemic.  Organizations also need to understand than while a crisis can bring people together and facilitate a collective team spirit, it can also compel people to decide on looking after themselves due to distrust arising within each other.  This needs to be studied in a greater depth during remote team building.

Financial Planning

Sustaining business post a pandemic of this nature needs an in depth and flawless financial planning. As businesses of vendor organizations heavily revolve on the plans of their respective clients, and there is every possibility that customers may revisit their entire requirement, it would be better for vendor organizations to come up with a budget after studying the revised project plan from their customers. In this way, they can build a remote tech team by hiring remote developers with specific subject knowledge and experience. This step is essential as most of the organizations will not be able to be in a position to pay the same salary to their development teams as they were before the pandemic took over.

Deliberate on new projects to boost economy

Organizations would do well to play it safe and take it one at a time while drawing out a post pandemic business recovery program. It would be a wise decision not to start multiple projects at the same time which might depend on same critical resources, which could be either specific individuals or departments. Too many resources can lead to a confusion over available resources and delay the timely execution of the project.

Preparedness to execute your plans

The decision to set up a software development remote team also depends upon the organization’s preparedness. As remote a remote team can have members from different geographical locations, the outline of the team must be clearly planned and approved as the resources at hand, along with the speed and quality of decision-making processes, vary greatly. These differences ultimately determine the success of the team and project.


Remote working was resisted by organizations despite the availability of technology. However, the pandemic of the current nature, which the world continues to come to terms with, has changed all of that. Many companies are now reluctant to enter their work force to the office. It all comes down to choosing wisely by the management of the companies. Hiring based on how the business world is going to look like, post pandemic, will make more sense. At the same time, hiring project specific work force should be the way forward. This is where DeveloperOnRent, an organization which supports companies, with high quality workforce, specific to a particular project need, can make all the difference. To experience the best advantages of a remote working team and how productive it can remain even during the times of crisis, DeveloperOnRent is the place that can serve as the best guide for organizations as they are well aware of how productivity would take a huge dip if just one infected employee comes to work at the office when the world presently fights the most dangerous pandemic.

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