Thanks to the digital revolution, that we see a completely new dimension, to tech hiring today. As such, more and more companies, big or small are agreeing to the fact that, “Time spent on hiring is time well spent”!

This change has been so rapid that completely new and creative methods of hiring are being explored on a wider scale. There is a paradigm shift from the erstwhile traditional job sites. But, what are these hiring solutions that make hiring employees, smarter than ever?

Best Practices to make Your Tech Hiring Smarter than Ever

  1. Focussing on Passive Candidates
  2. Have a reasonably good package in mind
  3. Virtual Interviews
  4. Applicant Tracking Systems
  5. Open Jobs
  6. Simple Hiring Process is Smart Hiring
  7. Innovative Interviewing Techniques
  8. Maintain Interview Feedbacks
  9. Conduct Job Trials
  10. Plan and Execute the hiring Process

Focussing on Passive Candidates

Tech hiring is seeing a strange but impressive shift towards focussing on passive candidates. Think about hiring employees, who could be happy in their current job, and are not necessarily looking out for a change! This is possible, especially if they have skill sets which are in demand today. Looking out for such candidates, either through social media or referrals might just help you hit the right talent!

Have a reasonably good package in mind

At the end of the day, an organization hires employees so that both the company and the employee are equally benefitted. A Smart hiring solution will consist of how best an employee is compensated, which includes salary and perks. Think of hiring a good candidate, think of long term benefits for him, beyond just salary. This could include health, travel and education benefits which covers the employee and his/her family.

Virtual Interviews

Who would even imagined in their wildest dreams that there could once be a possibility of interviewing candidates from wherever they are based?!! This dream has become a reality. Gone are those days of dragging a candidate for a personal interview. This was rather stressful to them too, especially if they were living in different places across the country. Thanks to technology in the form of Skype, Face Time, Google Hangouts, and various other forms of instantaneous communication, that we can study the candidate, face to face. This is particularly useful if you have potential candidates abroad or even in different states of our own country.

Applicant Tracking Systems

The Applicant Tracking System, more commonly known as ATS, is rapidly emerging as a smart hiring solution. Quite a few attractive benefits make it a viable prospect for employers to hire developers. It is an efficient system with lot of space for candidate data. A single system gives you the advantage of having access to a pool of workers, whenever required, for similar type of roles. ATS is an advanced facility which works well to create a Digital Office Environment.

Open Jobs

This is something new and interesting. Hiring employees has seen a change to such an extent that companies have started to look into prospects irrespective of relevant subject expertise. Companies are now inviting people without really mentioning the desired job title so that they can groom the right talent. Having loads of experience may not always fit into your business culture or your existing team. Sometimes, candidates with lesser experience can be a great fit for your office by moulding them within a period of six months.

Simple Hiring Process is Smart Hiring

Thinking about hiring developers! The best and smart hiring solution for this is, just keep the hiring process simple! What I mean by simple here is do not have too many people in the interview panel. If you have already made the decision as one of the deciding authority but still want your colleague on the panel to take a look at the candidate, limit the interview round to only this colleague and close the offer. It is wise not have too many rounds of interviews and extend the interview period for long hours.

Innovative Interviewing Techniques

The process of hiring developers can be made a serious affair by having fun at the same time. It is not always about evaluating a candidate’s subject matter expertise. It is also about how good he is otherwise. For example say soft skills or hidden talents like a singing or dancing. This can give an idea about how accommodative your potential candidate is. Think about meeting your candidate outside office, in a restaurant for a change over a coffee. This is one of the smarter ways of tech hiring.

Maintain Interview Feedbacks

Tech hiring is a continuous process. You may need candidates with similar skillsets for another upcoming project. It is a good practice to keep on record and store your communication with interviewed candidates. This will also help in case the organization is looking for candidates with similar skill sets in the future. These records can save time and speed up the hiring process.

Conduct Job Trials

This is a smart hiring option which is gaining lot of prominence. You can personally test a potential candidate’s ability by asking him to work onsite by giving him a live assignment. In the process, you can evaluate his additional strengths as to how good he could be in maintaining productivity if he is offered a remote working option for example. You can engage the candidate for a day by providing him coffee, lunch and travel expenses. This can motivate him to perform better during evaluation.

Plan and Execute the hiring Process

Hiring challenges can be minimized to a great extent if the process is well-planned and executed. In other words, if you hit upon the right candidate, well in advance, it will be great idea to get him on board immediately. You may utilize his expertise in other projects where his skill sets could be useful, before his actual project begins.

End of the Day

Sourcing and finding the right talent for an organization is important. You can minimize your hiring challenges to a great extent by telling the prospective talent about the people behind your business. It is also important to be objective and make an unbiased hiring decision. Engagement has to be more human because people trust people more than brands. After all, by hiring in a smarter way, you are not just recruiting employees but sowing the seeds of your own reputation.

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