What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is a method of optimizing a web page for crawling and indexing segment, technical seo helps search engines to access, crawl, interrupt, and index your web pages without any problem. In this article we are going to discuss about essentional technical seo tools that marketers should know.

Technical SEO Best Practice to obtain High Ranking

Getting a good rank for a web page is like walking with the dark tunnel, you have to be very careful while doing technical SEO, even a tiny mistake can leads your web page to get penalized by Google. Making mistakes are inescapable, but we should be informed about the mistakes that what we have done. Below are the essential technical SEO tools that can help you to be informed about all SEO challenges that you have been faced and also it provides some suggestions to improve your web page’s quality, these suggestions help your web page to get good rank in search engines like Google.

10 Essential Technical SEO tools List

Screaming Frog


To create a substantial website audit, it is essential to first perform a website crawl with this tool.

Depending on the certain situation, it is probably to introduce false positives or errors into an audit that you otherwise would not know about.

Screaming Frog Helps you to know the Followings

  1. Page Title Missing
  2. Meta Description Missing
  3. Meta Keywords Missing
  4. Image Size
  5. Error response code
  6. URL Errors
  7. Canonical Errors
  8. Pagination Issues
  9. International SEO Implementation Issues
  10. Website Architecture

Web Developer Tool Bar


You can download the web developer toolbar Chrome extension

Web developer tools bar tool comes up with a lot of features for SEO, identifying the issues with code is one of the primary aspect especially its deal with Javascript implementations with menu and user interface

You can audit whatever you need like image alt tag missing, find broken links, Meta tag information and response header etc. Your audit is not end up with just to find java script and css issues.

WebPage Test


Web Page Speed plays a major role in today’s SEO and it’s a very crucial to get good ranking in SERP, so we also has to be informed about our web page speed.

WebPage test is one of the reliable speed test tool below are things that you can be done with this tool

Things that can be done with WebPageTest Include:

  1. Waterfall test
  2. Competitor test
  3. Competitors speed videos
  4. Identify the time period taken for full load
  5. Time to first byte
  6. Render time
  7. DOM Elements

Google Schema.org test tool


According to the one of the Google’s mid-December search ranking algorithm update Schema implementation is important for a web page to get good rank in Google’s SERP. Embed web pages with schema is not a easy one there are more chance to leave a tiny mistakes. Google Structure data testing tools can help you to indentifying the error that what you made during schema integration on your web page

GT-Matrix Speed test tool


 As I told you before website loading speed plays a significant role to determine ranking position in SERP, if your web page has a worst loading time obliviously its impact your ranking in Google, so it’s a good practice to stay informed about the aspect of low page speed. GT Matrix is a amazing tool where you can get more information like Y-Slow, Page Size, SEO Score, Waterfall and etc.

Wc3 Validator


Be careful! it is easy to misinterpret the results, and actually make things worse.

For example: say you are validating code from a site that was developed in HTML, but the code was ported over to Joomla.

Copying and pasting the entire code into WordPress during development does not automatically change its document type. If, while during testing, you run across pages that have thousands of errors across the entire document that is likely why.

A website that was developed in this fashion is more likely to need a complete overhaul with new code, especially if the former code does not exist.



SEMrush greatest claim to fame is accurate data for keyword research and other technical research.

What makes SEMrush so valuable is its competitor analysis data.

You may not normally think of SEMrush as a technical analysis tool.

However, if you go deep enough into a competitor analysis, the rankings data and market analysis data can reveal surprising information.

You can use these insights to better tailor your SEO strategy and gain an edge over your competitors.

Website Structure

All the above tools are good and important to do a perfect SEO, but website structure is a one of the most crucial thing to get better ranking, so keep your website and every pages as mobile friendly. If you’re not more familiar with design a web pages hire front end developer to get this job done

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