Tips and Tricks to choose the right developers for your business

Developers are in higher demand than ever before and rock star web developers are a strategic asset for companies and startups. In a tech driven environment, the Indian startup ecosystem is heavily influenced by technologies -Web, iOS, Android, Full-stack, Back-end, Front-end developers and developers are the natural drivers who seek out clearly defined solutions to new challenges every day, and help shape their daily business. It’s not surprising that the speed with which a startup can really take off mainly depends on their development team, their skill set and their way of collaborating. While today’s distributed workforce means you aren’t limited to choosing talented web developers but to ensure you hire the best people that too with the help of limited resources, you need to follow an organized and structured step by step plan.

To hire a developer worth your time and investment, take your time!!

One of the biggest mistakes recruiters undertake while hiring web developers is pushing the process too fast and thus, settling for poor hires, a loss of time and money. You need to allow developers the room to showcase their tech skills and take your time to judge the developer. Besides studying the candidates’ profiles and portfolios, the programming languages they excel at, etc, you must do a live test on the skill set requirement before hiring them. Bad developers can slow down your production cycle and scale up your cost whereas great developers want to work in a great team, spend time doing things that are significant and have meaning in the long run.

Hence, before you begin the search for your ideal web development talent, first prepare an ideal picture of the developer you want in the context of the organization’s goals, and the most in-demand programming languages on the web they should know. Only after that, start picking the right candidates with an ideal candidate already in mind after one-on-one conversation.

Don’t just settle down for one developer. Hire multiple experienced developers

A senior rockstar developer who really knows his or her stuff is similar to the one man show. Even though a cricket team is full of stories of a few big players, but in general it seems to be a better idea to invest in a balanced developer workforce with multiple great players.

Don’t just rely on one exceptional developer as you never know what future holds. Opting for multiple experienced developers who can think strategically about your projects can be the best bet for your startup career. The more great web developers you put in one team, together they get a chance to share the know-how to bring your vision to life and the higher the chance the developer team will produce something great.

If you go for the all-mighty rock star developer, you have a fair chance on getting someone who might get picky about the projects they take on. Hence, go for a young and hungry team of web developers with relevant skills and interests who can learn just anything with just a bit of research. In general, balance out your team in terms of experience, and skills and focus on pair programming such that every junior developer teams with a more senior developer. Doing so might make more sense and workflow can be logically divided between different talents.

Screen the potential developers for cultural fit as well

Although, the technical skill level of an engineer, without a doubt should be the first thing to look at but don’t forget the cultural fit your candidate which can further ramp up the efficiency.

Some people often join a startup rather than falling for multinational established companies and big paychecks because of the ambiance and culture that is lived and celebrated. Hence, all ups are celebrated together, and during the down phase the team stands strong together and thrives for constant improvement. So their zeal for your company culture is the glue that holds an organization together. According to the 2015 Recruiter Survey, the average length of employee tenure is below 6 years; 30% of people change their job in 1-3 years and 29% in 4-6 years. According to Quarsh’s research the numbers are even more dreadful. 20% of new hires leave in 12 months! This explains that employees who match the cultural fit are not just the right fit for your environment but they are great assets as they also make the collaboration much easier for their peers.

Hire a developer who is passionate to learn
Most companies are looking for experienced developers, who are comfortable with every layer of the development stack, because you are confident inside that a seasoned developer will work 2-3 times more efficient than a junior one. But this productivity advantage often comes along with a negative aspect, which is often ignored. Most often, senior developers are fluent in their own programming languages and language preferences are already ingrained in their mind. This might be because using a new language can only be learnt over months of working with it and that’s where the real magic happens. Simply out, they might not be able to adapt to the dynamic needs of your business.

So do not miss out on talented junior web developers who could have become more productive given better guidance and could prove themselves vital to building scalable web applications. Younger engineers are fresh minds, less likely to have fixed patterns, they can comfortably move between a variety of technologies and platforms. There is a high chance that developers with an eagerness to learn are capable of serving you better in future.

Let other developers evaluate and hire your developers
Expecting non-technical persons to evaluate the skill level of a web developer is near to technically impossible. Even an intelligent layman would need the help of a talented wise developer.

Whereas consultancies earn a fair share for assisting in recruitment of developer positions but in our opinion this is the worst possible solution to this problem. First of all, their highest priority is just to find a web developer for you – not the best one. You cannot place all your trust on them, and just sit back and relax. Go for a simple route instead. You are already having access to developer workforce you trust and know what they are capable of doing; so let your developers do the hiring! Talking to another developer seems like million lines of code, let the technical validation of a candidate be done by one of your developers.

On top of that, it shows that you have faith in your developers and their opinion matters to you. You can leverage this moment to build trust with your developers making them feel responsible towards the company’s mission.

Test their code skills and UX (user experience) sensibility

For a business with a website selling products or services, a web developer is one of the most important hires. To choose the best fit for your business wisely, there is no better way than using a screening platform to test their coding skills, the user interface and user experience sensibility and the ability to work with both your tech and design teams.

Take the time to evaluate their knowhow about user experience that covers all aspects of the end user’s interaction with the company and you should also review their code snippets. Ask them questions such as “What is the approach you took for the user experience/interface?” Provide them a few instances of problems your business has faced in the past and present them with the exact same problems, asking them to provide the best solution. If their answer is similar to the solutions you used, or better, it means they better understand the markets and cultures and are capable of better analysis once hired. If they can’t give an answer you expect, that’s usually a good indicator that they are not the right fit for the team.

A face to face screening process is always a better bet because you can’t be 100% sure that snippets are in reality written by your candidate. Also throw a time-restricted challenge at them. The results will reveal whether the candidate writes fluent and idiomatic code, is able to structure a project properly, all within a strict deadline.

Most essential tip by DeveloperOnRent
Let your developers innovate and build a better business

The world’s programmer community has a thirst for learning and most web developers are willing to explore the trends on the horizon. Needless to say they are creative people interested in projects that exceed the scope of their office job. Expect them to evolve and change with the speed of innovation. After all, this is one of the reasons you hired them – to come up with innovative solutions to translate your ideas into reality.

You have to understand that web developers are seldom part of a ubiquitous community, working on open-source projects and design elements; they have their own uniqueness and a thirst for innovation. The more time you invest in educating and training your developers across several stacks, the more valuable they become for you in the near future. According to the 2012 Learning Survey by Niace, there’s a strong correlation between learning and sustained employment. Employees who undertake learning activities are more able to adapt to the rapidly changing requirements of an organization and prove better for the betterment of their organization. So all you have to do is support their quench for knowledge by conducting workshops and group discussions and grant them a certain room for personal development skills.

With these tips and tricks in place you can avoid most of the common pitfalls while hiring web developers for your startup.

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