The importance of Cloud-based applications is well known all over the world now with almost every major business activity, switching over to the cloud platform. The reasons for this can be attributed to the sustained performance of cloud applications.

The year 2019 continued to see the cloud platform in top form with Cloud computing applications having found acceptability across industries, mainly due to their flexibility and accessibility, from any place and at any point in time. From Healthcare to Hospitality, Cloud Application development continues to make a mark for itself.

The year 2020 looks to be no different from Cloud computing expected to gather much more momentum and speed.

Emerging Cloud Computing Trends in 2020

With every passing day, technology is gaining a stronghold on business activities. As a result of this, developments in the cloud computing industry are also moving at a pace, which is becoming impossible to stop and unpredictable, in terms of anticipated outcomes and challenges to follow.

However, some very exciting trends are emerging as far as cloud computing is concerned in the new year to begin, which will keep vendors and users on their toes and await something more fascinating. With every business sector, new or old, embracing technology to the fullest, many of the emerging cloud computing trends, look more towards industries, that are looking at standardization and more adaptable to the new trends.

Many of those emerging cloud computing trends stem from the industry entering a phase of standardization and increased compatibility. The standardization, by and large, is opening up the way for new channel roles emerging to support application-level processes, with the help of artificial intelligence and high-performance computing.

Year 2020 can have a refreshing development in Cloud Computing.

Multi-Cloud Becomes Omni-Cloud

2019 saw Multi-level Cloud operations were the talk of the business world as many enterprises started to deploy workloads across multiple Infrastructure-as-Service providers. But with more portable applications and data integration platforms enabling a more smoother connectivity, indications were there to believe that Multi Cloud by turn into Omni Cloud.

The Kubernetes Revolution

This new management tool, introduced 5 years ago by Google, is now seen as the core. Kubernetes is fast catching up and is expected to play a crucial role in redefining the global economy. Kubernetes is not only bringing a smashing solution to cloud barriers, but it’s also creating a strange market dynamic. This is generating some new excitement with the cloud infrastructure vendor offering something unique, which was a dream, a few years ago.

Kubernetes Companions Create New Silos

The significance of a container orchestrator in a cloud environment is being more clearly understood now, with cross-cloud unity being the talk around developers. The cloud-native computing foundation or the CNCF takes control of the Kubernetes projects. Though Cloud and Kubernetes are still walking together, Cloud computing is parallel looking to promote newer technologies to other projects on the CNCF road map.

Kubernetes to establish its supremacy in a more broader way

It is important for a cloud infrastructure company to run along with Kubernetes to face the competition-driven market. For e.g. in the year 2017, Microsoft expanded its Kubernetes toolkit by buying Deis, while NetApp acquired StackPointCloud. However, there are a lot many start-up companies that are container focused. Hence 2020 promises a more vigorous approach from cloud vendors.

More Security Options

The security factor continues to be a point of debate with every business venture looking at a cloud service provider. The business ventures wouldn’t want to depend on any third-party solutions. However, since security is absolutely necessary and companies who would not have the facilities to develop a comprehensive security solution in-house, might find the need to buy it from outside. As such, 2020 will see more decisions being made by organizations in enhancing the security features. There’s no dearth of to support cloud service providers in ensuring this to their customers.

Private Cloud Repatriation may get visibility

Technologies like containers that support application portability are making it easier for movement towards private infrastructure. This is working to the advantage of many companies. However, public cloud will still continue its share as a preferred medium though you can see an equal flow of traffic in both directions in 2020. And private cloud repatriation will further stimulate the market enabling hybrid cloud environments.

All SaaS Becomes Intelligent SaaS

It is evident that machine learning is playing a huge role, in various ways, in influencing every SaaS and IT operations. However, with AI having completely transformed operations as far as automation is concerned, it has become a major selling point. Some machine-learning-based features are genuinely useful. But in 2020, it will be hard to find a product that’s not considered as intelligent.

Improving SaaS operations

As Software-as-a-Service is gaining more prominence, more specialized platforms are emerging to manage migrations and operations. Now, vendors like Better Cloud, Cloud Manager and blissfully are enabling comprehensive management of solution suites like Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite and other leading SaaS products.

App Delivery to be the talking point

Kubernetes, with the container orchestrator, in many ways, has brought stability to a rather turbulent cloud infrastructure market. That makes it likely that the competition will move up the stack, to focus on improving application delivery,

HPC to experience the Cloud cover

Though High-Performance Computing workloads (HPC) are typically run in phases or batches, it has maintained the equilibrium status. However, just recently, HPC users are exploring cloud to gain easier access to resources. This is because HPC systems help more in new product designs and advanced simulations.


Cloud Computing is already experiencing a steady rise and popularity among global users. The year 2020 is going to see Cloud Computing create waves in specific sectors. The aura of the cloud is here to stay. 2020 could just be a beginning to look at a broader horizon.

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