What is JavaScript Frameworks

The JavaScript Framework is an application framework which is ideally written in JavaScript which helps the programmers alters the functions as per the need of the website design. Since JavaScript Frameworks are more connected with website design and development, it is significantly used by web developers on a large scale.

JavaScript users would agree that there is a significant difference between JavaScript Frameworks and JavaScript Libraries. The JavaScript Frameworks usually define the entire design and outline of the application. The JavaScript Framework List is an exhaustive list and web developers will always have an eye on the latest JavaScript Frameworks to have hit the market. We have all known the significance of JavaScript as one of the core technologies of World Wide Web, alongside HTML & CSS. JavaScript is an essential part of web applications. Most of the websites developed use JavaScript frameworks, around which the applications are built. There are many JavaScript Frameworks which have been explored by developers but only few of them have reached the pinnacle of success. From a budding young Developer’s perspective, it would be interesting to know about a JavaScript Framework a bit more about these top JavaScript frameworks.

S.NOJS Framework


Amongst the popular front end JavaScript Frameworks, comes Angular js. This open source JavaScript Framework is used to develop dynamic single page applications. The proven advantage of using the Angularjs Framework is that it enables Angularjs developers to build applications that are compatible with the web, desktop or mobile. Some of the leading organization which continue to use the Angularjs Framework successfully are PayPal, Freelancer, LinkedIn etc. The latest version of Angularjs has a router and supports form validations. This is marked difference from the earlier versions which used Type scripts.


Amongst the list of JavaScript Libraries is React.JS which is used for building UI applications. Developers normally turn to React when a high performance enterprise application is to be delivered to the users, Reactjs is most preferred when a high performing enterprise application needs to be delivered to its users. JavaScript Frameworks best and powerful family member continues to be React as it powered by user interfaces like that of Instagram and Facebook. Created by none other than Facebook, React has gained popularity in not time. The very fact that it is used to create and operate dynamic web pages with heavy incoming data traffic makes it one of the preferred JavaScript Frameworks for UI design


Compared to the other top JavaScript Frameworks, Vue is an old JavaScript Framework. Yet it is always looked at with a fresh hope in mind. What makes Vue a regular choice amongst developers is its ability to use HTML based syntax and write codes at a rapid pace. Vue provides an easy and fast fix for applications, UI, and an interactive web interface development. It can power advanced single page web applications. One of the notable advantages of choosing Vue is that the component’s dependencies are tracked automatically during its rendering. As such, there is no need to put in extra effort for optimizing components as the system knows which component needs to be re-rendered when a state changes. Vue adopts a more simple approach as compared to the other frameworks and hence is easier to develop.


Webix is a light-weight and fast JavaScript library. It provides software developers with 99+ responsive UI widgets and CSS / HTML5 JS controls. Webix also has 5 default design skins, 5 complex widgets, and a micro-framework for building single-page applications. This library is very easy to deal with. Even a junior developer can figure out everything very quickly and get down to work after a little training. Nevertheless, if you have questions, there is a big community forum, detailed documentation, and a blog with tutorials at your service. Webix also suits for cross-platform app development and quick app prototyping.


One of the active JavaScript Frameworks which used the MVC or Model-View-Controller approach is Meteor. Being a complete end-to-end solution to develop web applications purely in JavaScript, Meteor includes tools for everything suiting front end development and back end development, including database management. This makes it one of the more popular front end JavaScript frameworks in use. Meteor can easily integrate with other JavaScript frameworks such as React, Express and Angular as well as MongoDB to develop hybrid applications using HTML, CSS, and JS, which ideally rum on webview. With UI supporting the prominent JavaScript Libraries in React and Angular, it is faster for the developers to develop applications using the Meteor Framework.



Amongst the JavaScript Libraries used, Mithril is by far the lesser known. Mithril is mainly preferred by developers to create single page applications on the server side. Mithril is easy to deploy. Being small and fast, Mithril has certain features similar to React which have lifted it up to be recognized amongst the top JavaScript Frameworks.  Budding young developers can begin Mithril as it has a user friendly set of reference guides and documents. Mithril might appear as one of the leanest amongst the top JavaScript frameworks in the JavaScript Framework list, but definitely worth a look in. Since Mithril is all about JavaScript frameworks, developers can test is base applications with having to necessarily construct a test set up. They can test in any JavaScript engine.



Amongst the top JavaScript Frameworks, Node.JS is one of the most popular frameworks in use. The reason why Node JS continues to find itself in the JavaScript Frameworks list is because it provides a strong platform for application development which by and large meets a wide range of customer needs across various verticals. Over the years, Node.JS has seen immense growth, true to its potential. Some of the salient features which have made Node.JS popular are listed below,

  1. It Asynchronous and Event Driven
  2. It’s very fast
  3. It has high scalability options
  4. The presence of NPM (The Node Package Manager) which handles installing and updating of reusable modules from online collection, is a plus point for Node.JS
  5. Proxy Server – Node.JS serves as a proxy server and encourages sharing.

The applications built on Node.JS are platform independent as the codes are written in JavaScript which can be run within the Node.js runtime on OS like Microsoft Windows, Linux as well as MacOS. This entitles JavaScript Frameworks Popularity charts to include Node.JS as one of the most popular JavaScript Frameworks for Mobile Application Development



A Google product, Polymer is yet another exciting JavaScript Framework. Polymer aided in building customized HTML elements. The highlight of Polymer is its speed. This is one more JavaScript Frameworks amongst the JavaScript Libraries which supports both one way and two way data binding process. Being an open source JavaScript library developed by Google, Polymer can create elements of the website without going into the complex level of coding and development. Being a Google product, Polymer is extensively used for Google supported services and websites. Few of the most popular entertainment channels like YouTube, Netflix and Google Play Music also use Polymer based applications. Think of one name as a choice for which of JavaScript Frameworks is dependable and best, the name of Polymer surely comes in as a frontline choice. Structured Design process implements the Polymer Technology to a large extent.



JavaScript frameworks for UI already has a next generation superstar in Aurelia which is used for building competent applications for mobile, browsers and desktops. Though very young in the market, Aurelia is vastly influenced by Angular.JS. Aurelia though is different with a vast collection of smaller modules which enables developers to pick and choose the modules relevant to the application to be developed. Aurelia also helps in developing good and strong single page applications. The JavaScript framework of Aurelia can extend the HTML for various purposes.  The modern architecture of Aurelia is the talking point in the JavaScript Frameworks list for Top JS frameworks as it can be used as a comprehensive tool for interpretation of both client-side and server-side at a time.



Considered as a light-weight JavaScript Library, Backbone completely supports the developer in helping him choose the best tool for a specific project. Backbone works on the MVP or the Model-View-Presenter Model. Backbone benefits from being a simple library which helps in codes reorganization. As the name suggests, Backbone acts as a Backbone for multiple relevant projects. Though working with an MVP approach, Backbone can also be included in the JavaScript Frameworks MVC list as it is considered as the best prevailing “ Model” and “Controller “ for React. Companies like Sony Entertainment Network, Airbnb, and Sound Cloud use Backbone.js for their projects. Companies and developers use Backbone due to its ability to use any code as its controller while keeping the controller optional.

The Top 10 JavaScript Frameworks presented are here to stay. But technology will have its own say. Hence we can always foresee some new additions to this list in the future days to come.

Wrapping Up

JavaScript is the future of web development and choosing from amongst most popular JavaScript frameworks for new project is never easy. However it’s depends on the unique features that the particular JS framework provide. It’s about the real functionality of the framework and how that functionality can be utilized within your own development project. Hence, select one of these top JavaScript frameworks as per your project requirements and save time and money.

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