It’s all about working remotely from now on. Earlier, remote working option was given as an additional benefit by employers to their employees. However, due the current situation, remote working is practiced globally, by almost all companies. Setting up a remote team has a lot of homework to be done. It can have developers located in different parts of the world and in different time zones. Hence, there are certain rules for hiring remote team, which if followed, can make the process easy.

10 Essential Rules for Hiring Remote Team for Projects


Organizations can decide on which positions can suit remote working. All companies have multiple departments. Hence, they can inform the prospective employee, about the remote working positions in the beginning itself. They can also find out if the employee is eligible for remote working.

Be clear on work hours and ensure availability of employees

Remote team members could be based in different parts of the world and in different time zones. Hence, it is important for organizations to be clear on their expectations regarding member’s availability. Whether they are needed for full working hours or can set their own schedules; this can be discussed in detail in the beginning itself, so that employees are also clear about their timings. One employee shouldn’t be allowed to make his own schedule, while the other is being allotted set hours. This can create an unhealthy atmosphere.

Test Assignments

This is very crucial from an employer’s perspective. A remote team can never be judged just based on their profile or resume. It is important to give them a brief feeling of the type of project. This can be done by setting up a test assignment as per project requirements. The candidates can then be selected based on their approach and knowledge of the skillsets required.

Collect References

Building up a remote team revolves on trust as much as it does on capability. Hence, references from present employees in selecting the best team will be very helpful.

Understanding a remote team member

A personal interaction over a coffee can do wonders in selecting and hiring a remote team member. If the member stays in a different location, a video call over zoom or Skype can be set up. However, this meeting should more revolve around getting to know the candidate personally better.

Outline reporting or response pattern

Be clear to the remote employee with respect to reporting or response patterns. It will go a long way in establishing good work relationship within the team and with team managers. Specify whether the employee has to respond to his co-worker immediately on project issues. Decide on the convenient mode of communication.

Be committed to paying remote working members on time

Out of sight is out of mind! This should not be the policy to be followed by organizations while hiring remote team members. When it comes to payment, timely payment from the employer will keep the team motivated and committed to their job.

Ensure a proper on-boarding process

There should be a proper on boarding process which details out the terms of employment and job requirement. Proper documentation should be maintained by the employer with copies shared with the independent team members.

Measure team performance and productivity

This is quite critical for both the employee and employer. The remote employee should be made to understand how his work is going to be assessed. The parameters for the basis of assessment should be clearly communicated by the employer to the employee.

Tech support

This is important as well from the employer and employee perspective. Normally tech support is not consistently offered to remote employees. But the companies could do well to discuss this issue in the hiring stages.

Remote Team Hiring – Where DeveloperOnRent is different

Hiring a remote team isn’t a walk in the park. It requires a lot of ground work to be done. Both the client and the remote employees need to be taken into confidence while setting up a team. DeveloperOnRent, an organization of National and International repute, is one of the few companies well known for hiring remote developers. A structured hiring process is put into place while hiring remote developers.

DeveloperOnRent adopts a value add application process. This educates the remote candidate about the position as well as simultaneously educates the hiring team about the candidate. Embracing new technologies has helped DeveloperOnRent create an innovative recruitment process and a pleasant hiring experience.

The remote candidates in question are kept in the loop about the hiring process. They are informed about their performance at various stages by making using latest communication tools. Shortlisted candidates are invited for a video interview and group discussion on a common topic. These candidates are then given a sample project in line with the actual project. They are then hired based on performances. Being professional in every approach has helped DeveloperOnRent to establish itself as a go to company for hiring remote team.

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