Today, Artificial Intelligence is one of the most popular and powerful platforms, to have emerged in the technology field as it provides us with near-perfect support, in self-analysis, with respect to what we do, what we do not do, our preferences and priorities, etc. This is supremely handled by AI-empowered algorithms, to establish a strong possibility of accuracy in human functionality, with respect to daily activities. This has also led to Artificial Intelligence, being taken as a key ingredient, while designing modern-day smartphones and mobile apps, compatible to work on Android and iOS operating systems.

Best Artificial Intelligence Application that Can Be Used on Android and iOS

It is indeed heartening to see the emergence of a number of smartphone apps, which have proved to be extremely useful and a cost-effective way of handling their business activities, for a number of entrepreneurs, both large and small, across the globe. And why not?! It saves time along with the cost. Artificial Intelligence apps across Android and iOS, support your activities, by automating your work across many industries, so that you can be done your work in less period. Each of these apps has proved to be game-changers in their own ways, leading to a healthy competition within themselves. Let’s get introduced to the best amongst the lot!

  1. Socratic

    Imagine a student having to face challenges, while organizing a task, as simple as completing his homework, before returning to school, after a vacation or so. This could give him/her sleepless nights. Here’s a homework helper in the form of Socratic, which works well on both Android and iOS platforms and can help you do your homework in less period, with good techniques. Thanks to an extraordinary, built-in, artificial intelligence feature, which works with the mobile phone camera, to give you enough hints on how to approach your homework.

  2. Microsoft Pix 

    One of the most attractive innovations as far as a camera application is concerned, Microsoft Pix, is an artificial intelligence influenced application, which gives you the feel of the presence of a professional photographer, within your smartphone. Microsoft Pix helps in capturing pictures with the highest percentage of quality as well as supports capturing important data like documents and business cards.

  3. ELSA Speak 

    ELSA, expanded as English Language Speech Assistant, uses AI to enable individuals to enhance their pronunciation. English education has been never the same after the arrival of ELSA, which comfortably works across the Android and iOS platforms and enables students to easily grasp and learn the English Language, including spoken English and pronunciation. With its ability to accommodate users in the most innovative ways, ELSA has emerged as one of the strongest and most widely preferred English language learning app in 2019.

  4. Cortana 

    AI and Microsoft have come out with this unique app which helps the user to keep a track of critical data like important files, videos, and images, pertaining to business activities or personalized information. Cortana helps in establishing contact between the user’s PC and smartphone and get notified while tracking files and images, present within the smartphone. You can easily set a reminder on your PC to get a file and it will alert you on your smartphone. Cortana is as one of the popular AI-driven apps in 2019, which can help with valuable information regarding sports, TV shows, entertainment series, and others on your smartphone.

  5. Robin

    The possibility of writing a text, without actually making use of a smartphone, would really excite any user to no ends!!! This has become a reality with Robin, a popular AI-supported app for android and iOS users, which can be easily used on any smartphone. Another attractive feature that accompanies Robin is that the user can set a to-do list on the smartphone, which can be updated as per the user’s requirement.

  6. Easily Do 

    Easily do is a popular AI-driven Email app which is built on lines with Apple’s default mail app. However, it comes with stronger features, than the Apple app. The Easy do email app is more familiar to iOS users than Android users, though it takes inspiration from popular Android apps like Gmail or Inbox with colorful icons next to text messages. Easily do helps you professionally organize your smartphone activities by consolidating all tasks and responsibilities, and storing them in one single place so that they are easy to retrieve at any point in time.

  7. Edison Assistant 

    When it comes to traveling, especially commuting to your place of work, it is always a herculean task to manage the traffic and reach your place of work on time. How about an AI-driven app, which can simplify this task for you so that you can breathe easy?! Yes, with Edison Assistant, a smart assistant app for Android as well as iOS users, office goers can now look at choosing the nearest and less time-consuming route to their destination/workplace. In addition to this, Edison assistant comes in with very attractive support features like removing duplicate contacts on your phone as well as helping you book tickets for hotels, restaurants, movies, etc.

  8. FaceApp 

    Another popular app developed for Android and iOS and Android users, this time by Facebook, is FaceApp. This popular app has gained a lot of attention in 2019 and is here to stay on as it helps in transforming existing images into a memorable photograph. Editing your photograph, by changing your hairstyle, smile, and looks, and transforming you into a completely different look is possible through this app, which uses filters to alter key characters.

  9. Hound 

    It’s exciting to see something which can help you search for information across the web, just by using your voice! Yes, this is very much possible by using Hound, an eventful, AI-driven software, which can help you, use your voice and get useful information about the weather forecast, temperatures, and directions. Hound is extremely fast with its responses as you can also enquire about restaurants, travel information like flight status as well as know the latest about what’s happening around you.

  10. SwiftKey Keyboard 

    Editing a sentence or a wrong phrase has always been a challenge. Now, with a creative, Artificial Intelligence supported Mobile App in SwiftKey Keyboard, this challenge has been reduced to a great extent and users are excited about it. What makes SwiftKey Keyboard, even more popular, is its ability to automatically correct the wrong text. Not only this, but SwiftKey Keyboard also allows you to change font styles, color, design, and themes.

  11. Leia 

    To build a website, a developer must need some basic knowledge about what a website is and why is it useful. But, is it possible to build a website, with absolutely no basic knowledge at all!!? Yes, it is now with Leia, one of the best and popular artificial intelligence apps, designed for android and iOS users. Building a clean, customized website in no time at all was never so easy, as it is now, with the introduction of Leia, which allows you to build a website without having any development knowledge. Leia also comes in with the choicest range of designs, which makes web site building, an absolute pleasure for even a novice in the field of web development.

  12. Replika 

    Another interesting AI is driven mobile app, which has created a sensation amongst users in the on-going year 2019, is Replika. The main feature of this app is to improve upon your connections and acquaintances as it helps improve the quality of your conversations. Convenient to work across the android and iOS platforms, Replika also allows you to save important personal or official data on a notepad, which can be retrieved at any point of time.

  13. IRIS 

    Artificial Intelligence-powered app IRIS is an excellent choice, especially when it comes to monitoring how members of any project team, are going about attending to their independent responsibilities. IRIS is an app which is very useful to managers and team leaders, to report on the performances of team members. An additional feature of this popular app is that it allows different team members to view a given document at the same time.

  14. Youper 

    Keeping a track of your health is one of your prime responsibilities and what best than a uniquely designed mobile app, which can help you do just that! Youper is an Artificial Intelligence supported app which is primarily designed to help you keep a track of your fitness, and your fitness schedules, as directed by the physician. Therapies like meditation, workouts, stretching exercises, as well as organizing your health check-up programs, can now be easily planned by using Youper.

  15. Wysa 

    Having a secured chat, even with strangers, has been made simple with Wysa. It is an AI-driven happiness mobile app, which makes chatting comfortable. It is user-friendly and the presence of AI secures your chats, thereby giving you an opportunity to converse with confidence.


Artificial Intelligence continues to make waves in the technology-driven business sectors. With each of the above mentioned AI-driven apps, a step better than each other, there continues to be a healthy competition. The decision to choose the best amongst them for the present year is a challenge. However, getting close to each of those apps is excitement, which will never freeze from a developer’s point of view. This could just be the beginning for more exciting times to follow.

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