The post Internet Era has seen most of the critical sectors being taken over and influenced by technology. Some of them are education, transportation, entertainment etc. Arguably, the most critical of all of them is Healthcare, which most of us would agree. With mobile app development, sweeping businesses, at a phenomenal pace, it is not surprising that the Healthcare sector too, is not a stranger, to extending services through mobile apps.

Mobile Apps and Healthcare

With the immensely popular smart phones and other mobile device, making their presence globally, Doctors and other care givers, are increasingly getting accustomed to using healthcare apps. Healthcare organizations are increasingly turning to apps that run on portable devices to support physicians or other caregivers. The advantages that Healthcare apps bring are huge and can fill a variety of roles, including fetching information from various databases, to monitoring patients receiving care in the community. Healthcare organizations can consider themselves relieved to such an extent that all other activities, surrounding healthcare, like physical activities, food intake, doctor’s appointments etc. are all managed by Healthcare apps. With Healthcare remaining the core focus area, there have been many healthcare apps, which have flooded the market, as research activities in this sector continues ahead. From healthcare organizations, physician’s and other type of caregiver’s perspective, it would be advantageous to know about these Healthcare apps and see how they can benefit.

The best Healthcare apps in Business

  1. 3 D Human Anatomy AtlasA completely niche technology driven app, the 3D Human Anatomy Atlas offers the physicians and healthcare professionals, a comprehensive 3 D, gross anatomy, of the human body of both male and female patients. The 3 D image also includes MRI’s and 3 D moving models of muscles and bones.
  2. 1up HealthThis well-designed and intensely focussed mobile app on healthcare helps collect data from external systems. Healthcare providers can now view data sources that patients have connected via the 1up health registration mechanism. Critical data like patient demographic information, medication status, lab reports, patient condition and patient history, can be collected through this healthcare app.
  3. Asthma SenseChronic diseases like Asthma are always very challenging to handle and deal with. Persistent data analysis is required to monitor the patient’s condition. An enterprising mobile app, named Asthma Sense, helps you manage your Asthma care in a professional manner. This app is accompanied by a set of tools which helps the patient in setting up their schedules for taking medicines, the next test appointment, recording symtoms and frequency of triggers as well as measuring the rates at which they suffer wheezing attacks.
  4. ACT.mdWhen it comes to community supported Healthcare services, plays a stellar role. This though provoking healthcare app, enables a steady and efficient communication between the medical and community care teams, which enables them to share tasks, messages and patient data, and stabilize families across a large operational area.
  5. Cancer.NetOne of the most feared and dreaded diseases even today, across the world, are all types of cancers that continue to take millions of lives. However is a highly effective mobile app, with a set of tools, which has proved to be an able assistant to oncologists, by helping them, manage diagnosis, treatment and medication.
  6. Castlight HealthLooking at one of the best guides for employees to manage their Healthcare issues? Look at Castlight health. Predominantly designed to meet the healthcare needs of employees of any organization, this app helps the employees, select the best healthcare providers, with respect to cost management, health status and other important factors.
  7. AirStripWhen it comes to establishing a clinical contact between care providers and patients across geographic boundaries, a healthcare app par excellence in AirStrip, is of big support. This app is a perfect foil for clinicians to provide the patients, all insights with respect to receiving a robust healthcare system, anytime and anywhere.
  8. Diabetes TrackerEnabling Doctors to study the most recent reports with respect to a diabetic patient is excellently handled by a very versatile app in Diabetes Tracker. This helps patients add their recent blood glucose levels, insulin levels and test reports on to a supporting app by name MyNetDiary which is accessible by doctors too and ensures efficient that the patient receives efficient healthcare services.
  9. CarePassportWhen it comes to compiling data from different healthcare providers and storing it on one common platform, Carepassport is the right choice to explore. This medical app portal aggregates all different types of medical data with respect to a patient viz. lab results, dental records, clinical reports, medical images, health forms, surgical recommendations, surgical reports etc and helps you keep a track of all these under one roof.
  10. ClotMDAnticoagulation treatments for patients diagnosed with clots are a challenge to keep a track of. The challenge posed is minimized to a great deal by an excellent Healthcare Mobile app. By helping manage the usage of warfarin, a Vitamin K antagonist, on a computer or mobile device, this app helps in establishing a strong connect between patients and their healthcare service providers.
  11. DrawMDDrawaMD is a uniquely designed mobile healthcare app which helps users / healthcare service providers to convey health related information to the patients, in a diagrammatic format. The information may include anatomy, procedures and health condition. Any information related to surgical intervention can also be conveyed by using already available relevant images, which come along with this app or users can create their own photo image, to explain the condition, through facilities available in this app.
  12. Epic HaikuThis Healthcare app provides specific and authorized clinical users of Epic’s Electronic Health Record, with safe access to OP/IP schedules, in patient lists, health summaries, test reports and notes. Haiku is compatible with IPhones and iPods as well.
  13. DoseMeRxWhen it comes to manage and optimize patient’s dosage requirements, clinicians can consider this attractive mobile app by name DoseMeRx. To optimize the requirement and save time, DoseMeRx integrates directly into an EHR and clinician’s workflow and extracts patient’s age, weight as well as medical info which might include dose administered, renal function and previous response to medical treatment.
  14. FitnetA supremely designed, instant healthcare app which helps you manages your fitness programs, in a very professional way. Fitnet, when installed on your smartphone, analyses you and your health status in real time, through the mobile camera and suggests work out routines.
  15. DoximityDoximity is a unique Healthcare app which helps patients have an alternate opinion by suggesting names of care providers, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, physician assistants, etc.
  16. Full code ProMore aimed towards ensuring a clinical healthcare documentation, this app is useful, while documenting critical data, during events such as Cardiac arrest resuscitation. Physicians can now utilize the services of this app and focus more on the patient, than worrying about documentation. This app ensures accurate information and can be used by ICU, ICCU, MICU and NICU staff.
  17. Health TapHealth Tap is a clinically designed Healthcare Mobile App which allows patients to stay connected 24/7, with their healthcare service providers. Doctors can also share healthcare related documentation/data like photos, images etc.
  18. Hello HeartOne of the efficiently developed Healthcare apps is Hello Heart which is designed for users to measure and record their blood pressure. This app helps in explaining to the users what blood pressure means, how to control it and updating the health conditions of patients having high and low BP.
  19. FHR (Forecast Health Risk and Prediction): This app gives the physicians and care providers an inclination about critical patients and how to handle them. Accompanied by an EHR or Electronic Health Record, this app enables physicians and care managers, to identify patients at risk, during unplanned re-admissions, medication non-adherence and other adverse events.
  20. Humana Pharmacy: This app is extremely useful for pharmacists and chemists. This app comes with an exceptional feature of refilling prescriptions, directly through their phones.

Wrapping Up

DeveloperonRent is one of the premier organizations, who embrace technological changes and have a strong manpower, combined with knowledge and brilliance, to support all your healthcare apps requirements, through indigenous developed Mobile Apps. At DeveloperonRent, we put our best foot forward in ensuring you enjoy optimum use of technology driven Healthcare Mobile Apps. Hire our Mobile App Developers who will be an able guide to you, not only in designing custom based Healthcare Mobile Apps, but also assist you in deployment, maintenance and quality after care support. At DeveloperonRent, we care for healthcare. Here you can also find app ideas for your various business requirements too.

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