The foremost priority of any business is to run the business with cost-effective manner which means to reduce the cost of production and increase the return on investment has been a sole purpose of the approaches which companies are implemented so far. But the bad thing is there was no opportunity for achieving their goal with traditional methods they were used before get into an artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence made everything possible and its gain tremendous popularity within a very short period of time by its enormous features and approaches. This impact tends the technology companies focus on artificial intelligence and started to made more applications on it. In the meanwhile there is plethora of platforms starts to come out with some unique advantages for Artificial Intelligence (AI). This made the circumstance of business even more complicated in terms of choosing the right AI platform. Here I break down some Artificial Intelligence (AI) Apps which could be help to you to choose the best one for your business. Let’s go

Best Artificial Intelligence Platforms to build modern Applications

Before we get into the topic I just want you to understand, what can the Artificial Intelligence platform do for business?

What can the AI platforms do for business?

When comes to Artificial Intelligence it’s so generic, there is very hard to point out the purpose of AI since its tremendous purposes to be. AI could be whatever that you wish to have. If you as the same question in different ways over and over again, I hope this example that I’m going to give could be make you understand in more comprehensive way about what AI is all about. If suppose you asking what excel was created and what one can do with it, then the answer is it was developed for accounting, but now it far exceed its responsibility. And accounting is not only the functionality rather people using excel for everything as to create to-do list, database, and so on.

The 10 Artificial Intelligence Platform Which Make Your App More Effective

  1. Microsoft Azure Machine Leaning
  2. Google Cloud Production AI
  3. TensorFlow
  4. Infosys Nia
  5. Wipro Holmas

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning is built on top of the machine learning capabilities of quite a lot of Microsoft products and services. It shares several of the real-time predictive analytics of the new personal assistant in Windows Phone called Cortana. Azure ML also uses verified solutions from Xbox and Bing.

Google Cloud Production AI

Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine lets startups to build machine learning models that work on any data, of any size.

Trained models are instantly ready for use with Google’s global prediction platform and fully integrate with Google’s infrastructure, APIs, and data services.


TensorFlow is a Python-friendly open source library for numerical computation that makes machine learning quicker and easier. TensorFlow bundles together a slide of machine learning and deep learning (aka neural networking) models and algorithms and makes them useful by way of a common metaphor.

Infosys Nia

Infosys Nia is an AI and ML platform built to assist businesses streamline data management and automate complex processes. This allows companies gain deeper insights into opportunities to further optimize, simplify, and put into autopilot various steps in the business process.

Wipro holmes

Wipro Holmes is machine learning and artificial intelligence powered platform that provides cognitive services that accelerate business processes through automation. With Wipro Holmes, companies can expect to discover new solutions to their unique problems, enabling them to thrive in the future.

Final Drops

Artificial Intelligence is a future of technology, so anyone can improve their business by using the influence of Artificial Intelligence but choosing the platform where you go with is equally crucial when comes to implement AI into your business. I hope this article make you a little bit understand. If you have an idea to build AI based mobile apps you can hire our mobile app developers who has more than 5+ years of experience in working with several platforms.

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