Adding a Virtual Team to its task force is fast catching up with organizations big and small. This clearly indicates that companies would like to expand their businesses and work from more geographically viable locations, including the corporate office or head office, as we are more used to address it.  Virtual teams bring in a lot of diverse advantages as the organizations set up their base in multiple locations.  Having said that, managing a virtual team poses quite a few challenges too, that’s unique from a traditional team. The most common amongst all is the lack of actual contact or face-to-face interaction.

While the significance of a frequent face to face meeting at the head office is very well-known and well-understood by organizations, a similar type of atmosphere can now be generated with a virtual set up too.  Modern-day technologies like Cloud have made interacting with virtual teams more “face to face” than ever. As a result of this, many virtual team tools have come up to assist world businesses to be able to handle their virtual teams. This saves a lot of time and money for organizations. What are the best virtual team tools in use? Let’s find out more.

Virtual Team Management Tools

The main aim of the Virtual team collaboration tools is to establish a greater degree of collaboration amongst the members of the virtual team, based out of different geographical locations. This is usually achieved by facilitating the sharing of project files among the team, inviting comments on posts from team members and engaging in virtual team meetings. There are many Virtual communication tools that have attracted the attention of organizations and developers alike. We present some of the best which can be considered, based on their acceptance and performance.


One of the most widely talked about and used Virtual Team meeting tool is Skype. It is a household name these days. Skype supports video conversations with internet facilities. Skype is an economical option with instant messaging, file transfer facilities and retrieving previous conversations. It is also easy to operate across a virtual team as the team members just need to install the app and register.

Google Hangouts

Among the Virtual team tools, Google Hangouts is one of the most commonly and widely used Virtual team management tools. This tool offers services like making Skype video conference calls, watch professional YouTube videos and share documents with the rest of the team members.

EzTalks Cloud Meeting

This tool is one of the most preferred virtual team collaboration tools as it can connect with members based out of any geographic location. This tool works well on all premier operating systems used which includes Windows, iOS, and Android. Another interesting feature of this tool is that it combines Audio, Video and Web conferencing, in its operations. The best part of this very popular virtual team technology tool is that your team can connect with up to 100 members at a time.


Among the best available virtual team working tools, Slack has established its own space and identity. This suits very well for those virtual teams that are ready to keep in touch at all times. This virtual team tool is known to increase productivity with its ability to create notifications and alerts. Virtual teams can stay connected with a chat facility in addition to other channels advised by the respective project heads.

WebEx Meeting Centre

WebEx Meeting Centre is one of the premier Virtual team management tools, which work well from any geographical location, by using any gadget or video system with WebEx. This tool helps in quick decision making and is simple to connect with any other video system. This tool supports screen sharing and file sharing and helps in enhancing business and productivity.


Most business entities depend upon sharing and exchange of files to ensure effective communication. A cloud-based virtual team software tool named Dropbox has proved to be an effective solution. This tool helps teams to create shared folders on different user terminals and sync it with the Dropbox service, thereby ensuring seamless data communication.


This virtual team working tool has been most widely used and spoken about as it supports remote team meetings and the transfer of files. What makes TeamViewer a unique tool is its ability to support programs like installation, implementation, and training of applications, from remote locations. Team members can also enjoy remote reboot functions and cursor functions.


One of the simplest and convenient virtual team management tools, Scoro has the ability to effectively manage tasks and projects. Scoro comes with automatic billing and invoicing template that can ensure effective and smooth project planning. Scoro also helps in tracking billing with reminders and notifications facilities.


Smartsheet is quite an interesting and exciting virtual team management tool as it can be accessed from any browser or device. With this tool, you can automate workflows to the exact requirement of the customers. Smartsheet can also integrate with productivity tools and systems like Google Apps, and Box. Added attractions with Smartsheet include email integration, version control, task management, and web forms.


Clarizen is an enterprise-grade, virtual team management tool, which suits businesses of both large and small sizes. This tool helps in simplifying work and improving accountability. Clarizen is a proven tool for virtual team management as it helps in establishing smooth contact with members across geographical locations to gain a full understanding of the objective of the project, the budget allocated to the project as well as execution strategies planned, with full transparency.


An opportunity to work in a Virtual Team environment is being extended by most global technology giants. It is indeed an exciting project to work with a diverse team, based out of different corners of the world. It would add even more flavor to the project if effective Virtual team management tools are made accessible. The tools discussed above are unique in their own ways. All that needs to be done is to choose the best tool depending upon the project requirement to get the best out of it.

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