The web world continues to add on to its list of thousands of websites and millions of active web users at such a rapid pace, that If you want to make your business website noticeable among all the active websites, you need to be immensely creative and think different, by following the web development trends. Predictions may not give you a confirmed idea but they definitely guide you on your way to some soul searching while considering web development. So, let us dig the top 18 web development trends a little deeper and find out which web design trends will rule the world by 2020.

1Artificial Intelligence
3Static site generators
5Motion UI
6Internet of Things (IOT)
7Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
8Progressive Web Pages ( PWA)
9Virtual Reality (VR)
10Single Page Applications (SPA)
11The RAIL
12The Yarn Package Manager
13Augmented Reality
14Blockchain Technology
15The evolution of Web Design
18Voice Search Feature

1. Artificial Intelligence

AI and ML have given a new dimension to web development.  Such has been the influence of these two components that global business entities, both large and small, have understood the significance for the presence of AI and ML, for any digital transformation.  Recent studies indicate that the AI and ML industry will experience a 70% growth by the end of 2019 and come 2020, another 20 to 30% growth can be expected, giving us clear indication of its dominance in web development. The fact that global technology giants like Google and Microsoft, are looking at spending huge amount of money in AI and ML, should motivate many other big names to follow suit.

According to a recent study by Merrill Lynch the Artificial Intelligence market will reach $153 billion in the years to come.

Artificial Intelligence web development



Designing an impressive functional website can take almost a week and it needs a hell lot of brainstorming. Why wait when your website can now be designed through the use of artificial intelligence? Yes, you heard that right! Right from the healthcare sector to smartphone assistants, from self-driving cars and content delivery networks to understanding human speech, Robotics is changing our lives in a huge way. But who ever thought that artificial intelligence can also design websites for us? But yes, it is happening. It is already up and running in Tel Aviv, Israel.

DIY web designing when done by an amateur webmaster has its own limitations and is a constant hassle. AI is here to empower their design skills, widening the ability that lies in the hands of web designers. Let your website meet near perfection while artificial intelligence is the next breakthrough in technology. The idea to fully replace a designer with an algorithm driven design and design a website without ever having to touch any code sounds futuristic but will it really be able to produce a well thought out user interface without human intervention? We’ll wait till time unfolds the common questions.

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2. JavaScript

The significance of JavaScript for web development is evident. JavaScript Library is one of the most important tools for developing dynamic web sites. Many JavaScript Libraries are open source in nature and hence they add to a cost effective web development.  JavaScript helps developers to build clean, strong and responsive websites. With newer JavaScript frameworks in sight, we can certainly expect that in the years to come, JavaScript will continue to be the strongest base for web development.

It is pertinent to note that JavaScript has been rising since 2016 and alone witnessed a growth of 97% in 2016. It is a super popular programming language primarily used to create web applications. JavaScript helps make the website more interactive due to its user friendliness and allows the developers to add animations and other dynamic features to the web pages. The language also allows them greater control over the web interface. JavaScript accompanies a lot of the modern web and we can say this because today all modern web browsers support JavaScript without even the hassles of plugin software.

In a nutshell, whether you are looking to build a responsive website or web applications that work smoothly with popular web browsers, JavaScript comes to your rescue. Currently ranked number one this year for the most popular language on Github. it will be the numero uno language for front-end development by 2020. JavaScript is responsible for the change that allows the users to see and interact with the site. Being the first client-side language, nearly everything you interact with on a website is due to JavaScript. All this makes JavaScript a favorite language among full stack developers.
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3. Static site generators

Google Trends static website generator
Google Trends for “static website generator”.

Static site generators are a great way to create websites. In fact they are the next big website designing tools. Using static site generators, you don’t need a database to create websites. All you need is the text stored in files rather than in databases, to create a static website. It’s as simplified as it could be. Some of the advantages of static website over dynamic websites are reduced website loading times; high performance, and better security handling. They also promote a smooth deployment process and allow you to follow whatever workflow you like. Today generators such as Hugo and Jekyll, are popular platforms to get started with your very first statically generated site.

Static websites are not just a favored web platform for bloggers but a great choice for startups too since they are available at low cost and they also enhance performance and the speed. The usage of these generators is expected to explode by 2020 owing to its flexibility. When we say flexibility all we mean is that unlike CMSs that normally limits your options, (because they’re tied to a database), static site generators are more flexible as you don’t need a database. Suppose you want to install a Twitter widget on some web pages you require a plug-in. Using static site generators, the widget can simply be inserted into a file directly and there are fewer limits as compared to those imposed by a CMS.

Lots of high-ranking design-focused companies like Nest and Mailchimp have succumbed to powerful static site generators for their primary websites.

4. Chatbots

Chatbots have created a sensation in today’s digital world. An E-commerce web portal is the best example which can give you an idea of how chatbots have changed the process of communication. Businesses need not worry about engaging a separate on line customer service representative.Presently, we interact either over the social media or browse through Google, to receive a bunch of search results about a service / product, we are looking for and then analyze them, before taking any decision.With a Chatbot, on the other hand, browsing and navigational elements get replaced by a straightforward Q&A-styled conversation. Chatbots make your life very easy and enable you to take quick decisions. That’s the reason why, they are here to stay, for a long time to come.

The idea of chatbots is nothing new but with the catching trend of conversational commerce, chatbots are growing in popularity and will definitely be a hot new trend to look out for by 2020. For the past two years companies have been paying more attention to creating chats bots than ever before because they render experiences which are more personal and allow users to have personalized conversations. So “conversational commerce” is now on the rise.

As messaging platforms are getting more and more popular and companies are doing away with emails, the impact of chatbots on web design and web development can no longer be neglected. Creating a chatbot to communicate with humans and designing conversational UI will become an important trend for developers to catch by 2020. We can already witness websites jumping onto the UI trend of conversational interfaces and exploring the possibilities of chatbots to boost online sales. A great example of this is home assistants like Amazon Echo. It’s a surprise how the device can intelligently carry out commands to buy stuff on Amazon, making shopping experiences more personal. According to Business Insider, 80% of businesses prefer conversational commerce in action and want to use chatbots by 2020.

Chatbot trends


The way we communicate (and especially chat) with our customers has changed drastically with the advent of chatbots making it an ideal website development trend in the future, especially when it comes to customer support. Having chatbots right on your website will help boost online sales, solve customer queries, and provide assistance whenever needed. We have already published a detailed blog on this topic which you can read here – How Our World Will Look Like In 2030 Because Of Chatbot And Artificial Intelligence

5. Motion UI factor

The world of web development will continue to evolve and see a number of changes by the end of this year and in 2020. Motion UI is one of the attractive tools which support animations and transitions in web development. Motion UI is looked upon as a creative approach in increasing the conversion rates of your websites.

Motion UI is the next big emerging trend that web developers will look up to when building a web application. Today there is a growing popularity of motion user interfaces because it provides the developers a platform for creating motion within a native app setting. According to a survey conducted by Users nap, 36% (or 2382 votes) went in the favor of Motion UI stating that it will be the most important website development trend in 2019.

The newest version of Motion UI is bundled with flexible CSS patterns and all kinds of JavaScript libraries and the best part is that there is a seamless integration of animation into websites. With Motion UI, you get access to predefined motions which can be put to use for any website. So web pages are getting an interesting twist today and no longer are they two dimensional and boring. With Motion UI in web development, companies can change how users interact with their brand and storytelling will become easier. As user interactions become more intuitive we can say that Motion UI is an excellent way to trigger emotions in users and can greatly enhance normal user activity.

In the present era where animation has a high potential, developers need to bring websites to life, with more robust animation options. Motion UI will help increase movement on the website and create a living site interactive site which reacts and changes according to different individual users, lending them emotive experiences they would remember for long.

6. Internet of Things (IOT)

The Internet of Things has been some sort of a revelation in the digital revolution. The beauty behind this technology is providing network connectivity to non-internet connected objects, in order to facilitate. These objects may even include a toaster or a kettle, which we use in our day to day life. Prominent organizations have already started working on the API’s that developers can use, to communicate with these devices. It is projected that by 2020, the number of interconnected devices will be close to 30 billion. This huge figure gives a clear indication that IOT integration will be also on the rise.

The internet is shifting away from our computers and crawling into our household appliances. Today the IoT controls every facet of your life, right from apps on your Smartphone to controlling your HVAC system. It even allows you to set timers to turn on your lights when you get back home from work. Also the wearable devices that we use for enabling text messaging, phone calls, and more has taken communication to a whole new direction. Again, thanks to internet of things.

Now Internet of things is ready to change the way we browse websites. In the future developers may want to work on web applications that would allow us to remotely control household devices. These apps would help in device communication and data analysis. This would surely mean new web design and development techniques. To enable users to interact with IoT devices establishing communications among them will be a great feat in itself.


Internet of things (IOT)


7. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

This Google developed product is the latest sensation. Being an open source platform, AMP is developed with a view to increase the speed and performance of websites, thereby delivering the ultimate user experience. Mobile users are likely to benefit more with AMP which helps in saving time and has enhanced SEO features.

8. Progressive Web Pages ( PWA)


Next generation web development can look forward to progressive times with Progressive Web Pages, especially when there is a requirement for building websites and native applications, taking into account every technological upgrade. PWA’s are constructed are Reliable, Fast and deliver an excellent user experience. A standing example is Flipkart, the E-commerce giant which continues to use Progressive Web Pages successfully and earn huge revenues through conversions.

9. Virtual Reality (VR)

VR Web App

Virtual Reality is the next biggest thing to happen as far as conversation with web sites is concerned.  VR is expected to sweep the web world in the years to come, especially the gaming sector, where VR has been immensely successful. Technology giants like Google have already begun their research on how to help VR technology, transit into web. 2020 will see more and more of VR based applications being developed

10. Single Page Applications (SPA)

Single page web applications have become very popular with the developers. Web Development will focus more on Single Page Applications in the coming year as it comes with very attractive advantages that include considerable decrease in page load time and presenting a very simple user interaction process. In addition to this, SPA’s also facilitate dynamic loading of a page or a partial content, within a given page.

11. The RAIL

The RAIL methodology is seen to have a greater impact, as far as web development is concerned, by 2020 and beyond. As much as the earlier versions of RAIL have been very successful, the newer version – RAIL 5, also comes with attractive features to impress developers worldwide. This concept was introduced towards improving the speed and performance of the website. In other words the RAIL concept will very much helpful to web developers who follow a customer central approach.

12. The Yarn Package Manager

When it comes to front end JavaScript based development, there arises a need for developers to adopt a simple development approach.  Moreover, when it comes to working with different code modules, within an application, developers benefit a great deal by using Package managers, which are very popular and exactly address the concerns of the developers, with respect to having a simple approach.

The Package Managers help a lot while installing, uninstalling, updating or configuring, different code modules, within an application.  Yarn is one of the recently introduced package manager by Facebook, to address critical issues involving conflicts that might arise between different versions of code modules, installed in two different user machines. 2020 and beyond sees a great hope for Package Managers to showcase their class.

13. Augmented Reality

Closely in line with Virtual Reality, comes Augmented Reality which is aimed at giving an increased user experience by showing the virtual world in the real world. 2020 gives a wide range of opportunities to explore the possibilities of getting into web development by using Augmented Reality, to improve User Experience. Augmented reality uses existing reality and physical objects to deliver computer-generated enhancements over the top of reality, in real time.

14. Blockchain Technology

The rise in Blockchain technology is for everybody to see. Cryptocurrencies  and Blockchain technology will continue to rule the technological world. The Blockchain technology is aimed at offering a safe online transaction.  This innovative technology uses standard data storage for helping the users to store data in different locations worldwide. The basic highlights of Blockchain being transparency and security, many more organizations will look at using the features of Blockchain.

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15. The evolution of Web Design

Web Design is also looked at with a lot of hope in the year 2020 with probably movement based interfaces, becoming a reality! Interfaces which respond to hand moments might be the next gen web development approach. This possibility is discussed in greater detail.  More of visuals and video based development will be on the rise as people will look at getting more authentic and clear information quickly.

16. The power of using Illustrations in Web Development

Illustrations help in increasing user experience to a great extent. In combination with fonts, Illustrations help in designing a user friendly website. Working with good Illustrator, that can actually create an excellent design which actually reflects on the services/ product, the website offers, can lead to very good results and improve business prospects.  Hence, Illustrations will have a strong bearing on the development and functioning of a website in the years to follow.

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17. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has always been a very critical topic.  There have been regular developments and up gradations with respect to data security but still there are growing incidences of data breaches and cyber-crimes. With mobile apps also making their presence felt and the pace with which it is moving forward, concerns related to data protection, will continue to be the main focus of every technology driven organization. The testing times will continue and so will continue the research on how best to tackle data breaches. We can expect significant development on this front in a short time. Many countries have already established their cyber army to tackle the issue of cyberattack.

18. Voice Search Feature

The fast paced technology changes have changed the very way we lead our lives. So much so, that text based search, has been replaced by voice based search. Standing examples have been Siri and Alexa.  As people get more and more familiar and used to these technologies, web development too will see a radical change in the years to come and people will be exposed to interactive websites, based on these technologies.

Wrapping up

These are the web development trends we can look forward to, come 2020. Most of the changes are visible now itself and moving forward, we can only expect large scale developments leading to more communicative and responsive web development. However, the presence of strong JavaScript frameworks like Node JS and React JS will further enhance the quality of a user friendly website. It is sure that the next generation websites are coming fast. Are we ready to welcome them? Only time will tell. Let’s you can build your modern website and  web application with our dedicated web app developers who has minimum of 5 years experience in various business verticals and technologies.

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