Working remotely hasn’t been an entirely new concept.  Employees across business sectors have been used to it at some stage or the other. However, having said that, most of the people are used to only a limited period of working from home. Say a day or two in a week or so. Companies earlier would consider this option as an additional facility to boost the morale of an employee so that he could be more productive.

The past few decades however have seen a radical shift in the way companies have started to think with respect to working remotely. It is not just the passing of time that dictates these changes but circumstances as they unfold too.  With a generational shift in the approach towards working noticed among the modern day workforce, companies too have shifted focus towards not just remote working but trying to ensure remote work and productivity.

A question may arise in your mind as to how can you improve productivity by staying away from office! Especially if you are made to work under unforeseen circumstances like for e.g. a global health hazard which has a ruthless effect on not just the economy but can result in job uncertainties. This is where companies need to understand the art of developing a remote workforce, which can include remote developers based out of different cities or countries, but working on a common project.

How does Working Remotely increase Productivity?

Most of us will accept the fact that the only thing which is constant is, ‘change’.  With technology bringing in huge changes to the way businesses are strategised and operated, it is inevitable that people adapt to the changes too. With companies evaluating its own performance and the performance of its employees based on productivity, many entities, big and small, have started focusing on productivity by working remotely. Moreover, how remote team can achieve productivity is more significant when there is exits no other option but to work remotely to keep the business prospects intact.

Many experts also believe having a remote developer is more productive and cost-effective for new Startups as well as mature organisations. What is the basis of on which these experts feel so?! Here are some observations on working remotely from home which can answer this question.

Remote Team Productivity

Minimising travel

Almost every one of us would agree that time is money. As such, most of us would be keen to make use of time in the best and most productive way. With business related travel being a necessity in most of the cases, most of our time is wasted in reaching the destination. The best solution to this would be to minimise travel and this can be achieved by planning a remote workforce and distribute the workload. This extra time also allows you to boost your productivity level, spend more time with family and even upgrade your skills!

Better Work-Life Balance

What Remote work also offers you is an excellent opportunity to maintain a proper work-life balance.  Except during team meetings where all the remote developers require to be present online at the same time,  working remotely from home allows a remote developer to start and end his/her day as he/she chooses, as long as the daily targets assigned are met. A proper work-life balance is critical to be productive by working remotely.

Saving that extra rupee

It’s not just the travel time which measures remote developer productivity. It is also the added miscellaneous expenses like daily lunch (unless you carry food from home in this case), parking fees if applicable etc. which can impact personal and professional productivity. Remote Developers can minimise these expenses to a great extent while avoiding travel and contribute to productivity.

Maintaining complete focus

Remote work can ensure productivity as when you work from home or any other chosen place, there is a less chance of you getting distracted with petty problems like office politics or unnecessary meetings and visitors. This is commonly seen as a reason why the productivity of developers tends to drop. Remote developers can work with freedom and feel more comfortable and thereby improve productivity.


Recent researches have also proved that remote team productivity is more to do with consistent and persistent communication and follow ups.  A productive remote workforce is transparent and keeps the entire team well-informed about each other’s contributions. Some firms may still believe that having an in-house team is more productive than their counter parts. But the value of a remote team is better understood when there is a need to deal with sudden and unforeseen circumstances. It would then be wise decision on focussing on circumstances which you can change than on those which you cannot change. To get you started on the right path with right decisions, DeveloperOnRent is one organisation which you must consider visiting. Your meeting with subject matter experts here will surely convince you that remote workers have been as consistent or in fact more consistent than in-house teams in ensuring productivity.

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