How our world will look like in 2030 Because of Chatbot and AI

There are times when you feel alone and regret not having enough friends to turn to, in this fast-paced world. But what if we tell you that few years down the line you will be able to communicate even with your car? Technology is moving faster than ever. Chatbots and AIs are going to change the world completely by 2030. Let’s find out how:

The role of AI and chatbots in our everyday life

In our daily life, we carry out a large number of tasks such as

buying groceries, going to office, planning trips, and after a long tiring day, we all sleep at night. Everything we do is going to change with the emergence of artificial intelligence and chatbots.

Chatbots and AIs will finish most of our daily chores in the blink of an eye. Your refrigerator will automatically order groceries. Any type of water leakage at home will never go unnoticed. You will receive an automatic notification advising you to call a plumber.

Even the functions of corporate offices will depend on AIs and Chatbots. Chatbots will easily take care of several crucial functions of a corporate firm. Situations related to Human Resource will be handled by Chatbots and AIs. It will wrap up vast and complex organizational functions in a matter of few seconds. Employee gratuity calculation, healthcare dates, and salary increment dates will automatically be handled by chatbots.

Planning a trip itinerary will be much simpler. Travelling in 2030 will be even more adventurous with bots and AIs. Experts are working on creating machines that will help plan an entire trip itinerary for you. From the type of hotel to the type of transport, bots will plan everything for you without any difficulty. Not just that, bots will suggest you the best dates for travel that will also be most affordable.

Believe it or not chatbots will be your night companion too. Chatbots will accompany you when you can’t sleep. Awake and alone at 3 am? Not anymore because a lot of mattress companies are working on chatbots to help insomniacs feel less lonely when they can’t sleep. The day is not far when you will have a friend always to share your unseen dreams with you.

How AI and chatbots will revolutionize the education industry

Ok so we all have heard that multiple choice exams have been graded by machine for a long time but grading essays is a whole new thing we could witness by 2030 because of Artificial intelligence. Let’s find out more.

Individual written essays have long been evaluated by school teachers and human resources. Imagine a day in the shoes of your teacher and you would get to see the other side of the coin. It can be pretty hard and enormously time demanding task for teachers to manually check of thousands of essays in one go. But in the age of artificial intelligence, essays will be evaluated by essay grading software which uses “artificial intelligence” to grade student essays. Well this could also mean a lot of help to companies conducting massive online courses.

The project has made rapid improvement since 2012 and has received widespread media coverage and popularity since 2012. This happened after Hewlett Foundation sponsored a competition between essay grading systems. It was found that the winner presented a 0.81 correlation, on average, with human graders which definitely means green flag to artificial intelligence in the education sector.

Instead of waiting for the teacher to share the feedback you just have to click the “send” button when your essay has been completed and you receive a grade back instantly. Woo-ho! All this sounds way too exciting but can we can we solely rely on auto grading? Well time will reveal. While many people believe there’s a good chance of replacing human feedback on essays with AI systems but we believe it might be a matter of debate for many students and of course their parents too.

Learning could last forever!

The next effect where artificial intelligence will play its role is the Spacing Effect.

Remembering old lessons taught once upon a time is almost impossible to remember for life. So, this calls for repeating old lessons right when you are about to forget. This is what we call the Spacing Effect. Artificial intelligence can bring a complete overhaul to our learning experiences. Thanks to the polish inventor Piotr Wozniak for building an app that is able to track what you learn and when you are most likely to forget what is learnt it reminds you to repeat it.

Students study intensely before finals only to forget everything a few weeks later. Well, this might not be the case anymore with artificial intelligence!!

How AI and chatbots will transform customer experiences

They say that the customer is king as they drive the existence of a business. Thus, delivering a high level of service to your customers is imperative to drive profits and ensure that your customers keep coming back. With lakhs of customers across the globe, can humans address each customer personally?  Long time back, companies have already realized the drawbacks and limitations and they have taken the step ahead to get rid of poor and ineffective customer culture. Customer Service is all about convenience and real conversations, and real-time answers to their queries.

So today chatbots are replacing humans and serving the customer servicing purpose in the best possible manner. Chatbots are one stop shop conversational artificial intelligence platforms, company’s most loved quickest question-answering supercomputers which have made more real conversations a breeze with users. These virtual agents never sleep and provide 24/7 customer support. By 2030, people will witness more real customer interactions powered by artificial intelligence and deep learning.

Customers are already getting used to it and have been increasingly adopting virtual assistants like Apple Siri and Google Assistant which boils down to the fact that they are getting comfortable with the idea of talking to a virtual person. People are already talking to chatbots even when they shop from their favorite online story. So, they are already forming a great bond together. And to be honest, companies like this solution a lot because besides being a new and innovative way to satisfy customers, it is cost-efficient, yet powerful way to treat your customer like a king.

Well by now we all are convinced with the magic of chatbots in our life. Be it queries related to bills and payments, or mobile recharges, booking travel, or buying your favorite trends, chatbots can answer all. Not just the BASICS, chatbots are way ahead! Yep they can personalize experiences. Chatbots can send personalized communications to customers, like payment reminders and in fact now they are your personal shopping assistants too. Just like humans respond to languages, they are smart enough to interpret a mix of languages such as Hindi and English – thus supporting a lot of Hindi-speaking Indians too.

Let’s take you through an interesting insight! According to a recent study conducted by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by software and services provider firm Amdocs, consumers in India love the speed and convenience of chatbots and more than 93% consumers engage with chatbots between once a day and once a month.

This is not all. Do you know that chatbots hold the most insights for marketers. Yes, it’s true!! Chatbots will be the key for marketers as they are great at gathering customer data from support chats and will unlock new customer insights. This data can be utilized by live support agents who can utilize the insights to personalize their interactions with customers. Thus, human agents will then be able to provide customers a great deal of information and robust solutions for their problems. Chatbot development is trending and almost every major organization is working on this project.

So, we believe that in the future, more and more organizations will embrace artificial intelligence as it is offering highly personalized and emotionally-aware bot interactions. You will no longer have to wait for the next agent or a human resource to assist you whether you are shopping or whether want to interact with a banking customer representative for your queries.


Chatbots can provide a five-fold increase in service center capacity and make your life five times more efficient. Do you agree with us?

Right they are replacing humans but it’s all for good. Humans can utilize their energy in other important areas. By 2030 harnessing new technology like AI and machine learning will help companies transform the customer experience they provide. As they’ll not just provide convenience but a completely differentiated experience to customers.

As chat bots become commonplace, organizations that aren’t investing in the domain have the risk of falling behind the competition. Having your own intelligence conversational agents is becoming a trend and by 2030 it will be a rage!!

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