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DeveloperOnRent is a Dapp Development Company, which offers safe and secure Dapps applications. Hire a Dapp Developer from DeveloperOnRent with abundant experience and subject knowledge to create innovative Dapp decentralized applications.


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Decentralized applications have been more secure, stable and flexible. Decentralized applications also have an additional advantage of being self-controlled and not under the influence of any centralized control system. Instead of depending upon the flow of data from one central point, users of decentralized applications enjoy a far more distributed approach. In fact, any computation needed is done at different "nodes", eliminating the need for a single entity.

DeveloperOnRent has been one of the few companies in India which has analysed the critical points of benefits and added a team of determined and qualified Dapp Developers, who possess the technical background and skills to develop technology driven Dapp applications.

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Our Dapp Development Services

As Dapps rely on Blockchain to store sensitive data, they naturally act as a firm wall against any external intrusion to either alter with or steal critical data. DeveloperOnRent has a creative Dapp Developer team, which is well equipped with all the pre-requisite skills, required to be a successful Dapp application developer.

As one of the best Dapp Development Company in Bangalore, DeveloperOnRent also excels in working around the Dapp technology and creating more interesting applications than just basic Dapp requirement. Our Dapp Development Services are self-explanatory.

Ethereum Dapps Development

Ethereum allows a peer-to-peer interaction where every peer stores the same copy of a blockchain database and runs an Ethereum machine to edit the data if necessary. DeveloperOnRent is an Ethereum Dapp Development Company where our seasoned development team can develop ethereum apps which enable a smooth interaction between entities, across the internet.

Ethereum Blockchain app development

Ethereum is the new name creating waves in the cryptocurrency world. The focus on Ethereum is so clearly visible that lots of companies engaged with cryptocurrencies have begun in depth research on how best to make use of this new cryptocurrency. With Ethereum Blockchain being seen as a perfect arrangement for data security and against third party intrusion, DeveloperOnRent has grown into a versatile Ethereum Blockchain Development Company, which enables users to use tokens to create and run applications as well as creating smart contracts that allow only credible transactions, without third party interference.

Ethereum Mobile App Development

There are many development companies which have emerged. Thanks to the Blockchain innovation. But, DeveloperonRernt is a company which has carried out researches at the grassroots level of the platform and its capabilities. When you hire Ethereum App Developers from DeveloperOnRent, you gain in terms of latest technology being applied to all our Dapp Development Services as well as unconditional and unlimited post project mainetence support, to all the cross platform Ethereum Mobile Applications Developed. Our Developers are capable of building Ethereum Mobile Apps suitable for iOS, Windows or Android Platforms

Different Industries We Serve

As a Dapp Development Company, we use new technology, in developing high quality and fast applications. Our Dapp Developers are proficient in developing a wide range of applications. With the right mixture of knowledge and ability, and a hunger for success, our team is well equipped to execute Dapp application projects, across various sectors which includes,

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Heathcare is a major industry which has the ability to affect economy in a large scale. With the way the Healthcare Industry continues to expand, it is very important to manage patient data effectively and efficiently. Our Dapp Development Services includes a comprehensive focus on the Healthcare sector, with ethereum blockchain applications which can easily manage all records and information on a single blockchain.
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DeveloperOnRent is a professional Dapp Development Company which has put considerable efforts in solving the critical issues with respect to the transportation sector. With an indigenously built Dapps Decentralized application, we have been successfully able to address the key transportation issues and provide fast and economical solutions.
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Finance management is one of the very critical responsibilities for any company to handle. The use of Dapps applications in the financial sector has gone a huge way to help companies into financial services. The Dapp decentralized applications helps in automating the account opening process, thereby saving time, cost as well as maintaining strict privacy of customer data.
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Retail and E-commerce

When you hire a Dapp developer from DeveloperOnRent, you can be rest assured of quick and timely delivery. E-commerce industries contribute in a big way as people use online applications for all their daily needs. Use of Dapp in e-commerce can eliminate the problems like needs for centralized banks, payment speed by making P2P processing.We are a Dapp development company company who have executed challenging projects for the E- Commerce companies as well and eliminated several issues related to speed and accurate transactions.
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Education and E-learning

DeveloperOnRent has also built Dapp Applications for the Education sector. Data Integrity and Security is one of the key sensitive areas as far as the Education sector is concerned. At DeveloperOnRent, one of the upcoming Dap Development companies in Bangalore, we have come out with an effective solution to manage key issues related to the Education sectors through user friendly E-learning modules, which have generated lot of interest in the students.

Travel and Tourism

We are rated amongst the best Angular JS Development Companies in India, capable in building attractive Angular Mobile Apps, for the travel and tourism industry as well. Our Angular developers have successfully developed travel based applications which include payment gateways, e-ticketing systems and applications for guided virtual tours, to offer an exciting end user experience.

Key Benefits to choose DeveloperOnRent as a Dapp Development Company

Dapps Decentralized applications have been seen as one of the major sources for the cryptocurrency market to grow. It is also projected that in the years to come, Decentralized applications are going to have more value than the currently applicable centralized applications. DeveloperOnRent is a Dapp Development Company, which thinks from a customer's perspective.

Dapps Decentralized applications have been seen as one of the major sources for the DeveloperOnRent has been largely successful in meeting our customers requirements as we support companies in hiring Dapp developers in Bangalore, who have good knowledge and skillsets required for Dapp application development. We are one of the few companies, which in addition to having PHP experts, focusses also on the significance of the important parameters as given below.

Dapp Application development cost

Fast and secure Dapp application development is what every customer desires and hence our Dapp developers have taken advantage of the digital revolution to perfection, over the past few decades, and successfully developed attractive Dapp applications.

Talented Developers

We have a very creative and skilled Dapp Application development team who can meet the specific needs of any customer.


We have a multifaceted development team who have the ability to develop Ethereum Blockchain and mobile applications. Hire Dapp Developers from DeveloperOnRent, who contribute immensely to the growth of any organization, thereby opening up doors for larger profitability in their business.

Meet stringent delivery schedules

In addition to ensuring quality, our Dapp Developers meet the deadlines, as required by our customers. We stay in constant touch with our customers and jointly work towards meeting our project deadlines.

Building Safe Applications

DeveloperOnRent is one of the preferred companies as far as building safe and secured Dapp applications is concerned. As such, we support aspiring customers who wish to adopt working with cryptocurrencies as their main business activity, by building customized applications to suit their requirements.

Easier payment programmes

Customers can now pay us after seeing the Dapp applications perform to their fullest satisfaction. We extend a flexible payment option with a view to help our customers focus more towards their immediate needs pertaining to quality work through our determined workforce.

Our Dapp Development Process

Dapp Application development requires an organized and focussed approach. DeveloperOnRent being one of the best Dapp Development companies in Bangalorefollows a systematic approach, towards delivering a quality end product. Our process begins with,




In this stage, our Dapp Developers study about the scope of work, business requirements, operations and technical requirements, related to the Dapp application Project.




In this stage, our Dapp Developers get a complete understanding of the inputs and data received for the Dapp Project on hand. This also involves the technical risks involved with the input received, repetitive inputs and delivery schedules, based on complexity of the Project.


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DeveloperOnRent is one of the best Dapp Application Development Company in Bangalore which does not compromise on the best manpower required for any development Project.




We value our customer's time and our time. As such, no time is lost in beginning the project as soon as our customers approve it.




We maintain transparency in project status and meet strict delivery schedules. Our clients are well-informed of the progress made at various stages of the project development.


DeveloperOnRent is a web application development company which focusses on continuous improvement. We maintain the highest degree of business transparency and data integrity. This is a Dapp development company where the smallest of the input is kept highly confidential and handled only under strict permission of projects managers and client representatives.

The last few decades has seen technology taking over the world in a real big time. Added to this, there has been a considerable amount of interest generated in digital currencies and crytocurrencies, which has necessitated block chain development on a huge scale. Dapp Development has successfully faced many challenges and emerged as the most widely preferred source, as far as developing safe and secure applications are concerned. This removes all the doubts with respect to the future of Dapp Development.

Our Dapp Development process begins right from the initiation stage but doesn’t end at the final delivery stage. Our Dapp Developers go beyond that and well into maintenance and after sales support. We have a 5 phased approach in executing Dapp application development projects. We maintain the highest degree of data integrity and a transparency during project execution.

Dapp Development has been one of the favourites of all development oriented companies due to its cost effective propositions.


Our DApp Developer resources understand and value your concerns and that's why
they ensure that apart from having cutting-edge apps, you leverage from several other benefits.

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