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DeveloperOnRent is a highly reliable Golang Development Company. Offering GoLang
developers for hire have comprehensive knowledge of the Google Go language and
adopt a practiced approach to build cloud-based infrastructure applications and
streamlining software development.


Understanding GoLang And GoLang Developer

An open source programming language, GoLang is a master product from Google. The fact that the syntax of GoLang is inherited from the traditional C Language makes it a prospective tool for many developers, to choose from. Since Golang runs on fundamental hardware, it is considered as a faster option for system level programming. Companies across India have found a genuine need to hire GoLang Developers, due to the continued influence of the C Language.

With Golang, making a mark for itself, the need to hire established and expert GoLang developers in India, is on the rise. Mastering GoLang development is more of a skill for the Golang developer. At DeveloperonRent, we ensure that our customers hire GoLang developers, with the most in depth knowledge base and development skill sets.

Hiring Golang Developers from DeveloperonRent ensures a scalable, flawless and user friendly application with no compromise on quality and performance.

Hire Golang Developer

Our FullStack GoLang Development Services

DeveloperonRent continues to make a conscious attempt to keep its developers, well aware of the changes in technology. It’s the measured approach, to adapt to every change and deliver something different, that customers have endorsed while they hire GoLang developers from us. Customers can look forward to innovative and technology driven apps with our GoLang developers which include

Standalone Command Line Apps

With GoLang’s well observed speed and accuracy in performance coupled with procedural programming structure, our Golang Developers are competent in designing Standalone Command Line Apps.

Apps Compatible With Faster Web Servers

By hiring GoLang Developers from DeveloperonRent, you can look forward to an enhanced performance as these applications are compatible with faster web servers.

Machine Level Programs Using GoLang

Machine Level Programming using GoLang programming language is one of the strong programming potentials. Our effective GoLang Developers deploy the technical qualities of GoLang to the fullest extent in developing highly productive Machine Level Programs.

Game Development Using GoLang

Gaming continues to be one of the most desired skillset of every budding programmer. Our GoLang developers continue to raise the bar in developing user friendly Gaming solutions.

Our GoLang App Development Expertise

DeveloperonRent, believes in acquiring only the best available talent for our customers to hire. We believe in our developers’ abilities and multiple skillsets which help them develop applications across a variety of business sectors like,

 ReactJs integration


 Joomla application


Joomla plugins


real time chat

Management Services

Joomla updates


Joomla upgradation


Joomla enhancements




GoLang – A Complete Value Addition

At DeveloperOnRent, we aim at ensuring complete customer satisfaction and go all out to achieve just that.

Key benefits in hiring GoLang Developers at DeveloperOnRent

Our developers at DeveloperOnRent are well equipped with the skillsets required for a GoLang based application development. With GoLang developers from DevelopersOnRent, you can be best assured of quality rich and responsive applications.In addition, our esteemed clients, prefer to hire GoLang developers from us.

Complete product satisfaction and continued interaction post project delivery too

Quick and fast service, within just 48 hours from approval of the requirement in all aspects

Paying only for the work done with Zero billing guarantee

We maintain complete input data integrity and confidentiality.

With Developer on Rent you can expect the best in business to support your requirements.

Perfect Balance of Skill, competency, technical knowledge and availability at all times.

Key Benefits in choosing GoLang for Web and Mobile App Development

GoLang has had its share of challenges, before emerging as a choice to be looked into by developers. Now, Golang has certain attractive features which make it a developer’s delight, as detailed below.

Golang supports multiple Operating systems

The need for installing multiple runtimes, to run any application, is removed by Golang

Golang generates pairs with built in dependencies

Golang is simple and easy to understand

Golang comes with a powerful standard library