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Build Mobile App that works across the Platforms by hiring Professional Xamarin Developers

Xamarin is steadily gaining popularity among businesses and developers because of its performance, cost-effective and ability to easily create mobile applications that works across the platforms like Android, iOS, and windows. DeveloperOnRent offers professional xamarin developers who can put stock in building versatile and tablet applications which are effective, simple and amusing to create by utilizing the best programming improvement apparatuses accessible which incorporates Xamarin Platform, Xamarin Test Cloud.

Our xamarin developers can build truly native cross platform mobile applications with power-packed functionality using xamarin app development platform, and our xamarin app developers has extensive experience to handle all kinds of xamarin features.

Our professional team of Xamarin developers own years of experience and sound knowledge of Xamarin technology and hence, they can work reliably and efficiently on your project. Since founding, our offshore Xamarin Mobile app Developers have helped various type and size of businesses by developing user friendly and engaging mobile apps and these professionals can do the same for you as well.

When you hiring our xamarin developers from DeveloperOnRent you can have comprehensive option to choose from large pool of xamarin mobile app developers and select the hiring package that most suitable for your unique business requirements.

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Our Full Stack Xamarin App Development Services

Our dedicated and experienced Xamarin Developers have helped both Large and small scale business enterprises, develop their businesses in a broad way. Well equipped with skillsets like C#, ASP.Net, The MVVM Model, Third Party Libraries, API and Visual Studio, Our Xamarin Developers confidently accept challenging projects associated with the Xamarin technology, which include

Developing AR/VR Apps

Augmented and Virtual Reality has been sweeping today’s digital world and taking full advantage of this opportunity, Our Xamarin Developers have confidently mastered the art of developing innovative and creative Xamarin based AR/VR Apps.

Develop Blockchain Mobile Apps

Xamarin has been one of the effective tools which supports Blockchain associated App development. Our Xamarin Developers have taken this technology forward and built effective Blockchain Mobile Apps.

AI/ Machine Learning Apps

Data Security has been the prime significance, behind building any innovative and critical application. With the support of Machine Learning Algorithms, our Xamaron Developers have built very effective AI based Mobile Learning Apps.

Location Identifying Apps

With an indigenously planned Location identifying App which can sense a location, our talented Xamarin Developers have been able to build technically strong applications, adhering to Wi-Fi Standards.

Cross Platform Services

We develop and maintain mobile Apps which are compatible to work on any platforms.

Implementing Biometric Sensors

Building Applications supporting the use of Biometric Sensors with facilities for finger print scanning and Face and Voice Recognition, has been one of the highlights of DeveloperonRent

Our Xamarin Development Expertise

At DeveloperonRent, we believe in hiring dedicated Xamarin developers, who possess the ability to compile applications across various sectors like,

 ReactJs integration


 Joomla application


Joomla plugins


real time chat

Management Services

Joomla updates


Joomla upgradation


Joomla enhancements




Xamarin – A Complete Value Addition

At DeveloperOnRent, we aim at ensuring complete customer satisfaction and go all out to achieve just that.

Key benefits in hiring Xamarin Developers at DeveloperOnRent

Our developers at DeveloperOnRent are well equipped with the skillsets required for a Xamarin based application development. With Xamarin developers from DevelopersOnRent, you can be best assured of quality rich and responsive applications.In addition, our esteemed clients, prefer to hire Xamarin developers from us.

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Key Benefits to choose Xamarin for mobile app development

Being one of the popular languages in use, Xamarin provides a robust application platform which meets a wide range of customer needs across various verticals. Some of the notable benefits with Xamarin which are convincing to choose it over its competitors, are as follows,

Xamarin supports wearable devices. Wearable technology is a term for electronic devices that can be worn on the body, either as an accessory or as part of material used in clothing. Some examples for wearable devices are activity trackers and smart watches.

You can build native applications for Android Wear and Apple Watch as well.

Xamarin supports integration of your application with most of the popular backends like Microsoft Azure, Parse and etc.

Xamarin also facilitates the additions of platform specific plugins.