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DeveloperOnRent is a rapidly progressing iOS app development company in Bangalore, which offers iOS app development services, making use of the latest technology. Increase your businessprospectsby enjoying maximum returnson our quality iOS App designs.


Build iOS Apps with Top iOS App Development Company in India

As an award winningiOS App Development Company, DeveloperOnRent keepsits experienced development team of iOS App Developers, updated with the latest introductions in iOS app development. Our ability to build apps, capable of working on different iOS devices, leading to satisfactory user experiences, has been received well by all our clients and this encourages us to do better, by using the latest iOS technology, in our app development services.

DeveloperOnRent is a growingiPhone app development company which constantly uses new technologies, in its development process, to give quality assured products, to our customers. iOS comes with attractive features which can improve user experiences and at DeveloperOnRent, we wanted to take advantage of every such opportunity, to better our customer experience. Our aim to become one of the top iOS app development companiesis the reason behind having one of the best development teams, who have all the required knowledge, about the latest, iOShas to offer, in terms of attractive features, as mentioned below.

  • Facilitates Interactive notifications
  • Access to iCloud Photo Library
  • Inclusion of a home screen
  • Attractive Accessibility features like voiceover
  • Game centre
  • Multitasking.
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    Our iPhone App Development Services

    Utilizing technology to deliver simple and user friendly solutions

    Top iPhone App development companies, have understood the quick changes as it happens in technology, which continues to keep engineers and developers interested. DeveloperOnRent is an iOS application development company, which is not far behind, in meeting its aim, to be ranked as one of the top iOS and Android App development companies in Bangalore and India. With the ever increasing customer base across the world, for Apple and Apple products, Our USP, as a successful, iOS application driven mobile app Development Company, has always been customer satisfaction.Our development solutions are cost effective which makes us the first choice iPhone application development company, amongst customers.

    DeveloperOnRent does not compromise on the need for best mobile app developers and our latest iOS app designs are appreciated by all our customers in terms of quality and user experiences. IPhone App development forms one of the most attractive types amongst various types of apps developed in India and our strength lies in thinking different and exploring new concepts. With this confidence behind us, we continue to develop quality applications which match the best available in the Apple App Store. We are one amongst the very few iOS App development companies in Bangalore, who not only extend iOS App development services, but also share knowledge on how to develop an iOS App.

    Hire an iOS App developer from DeveloperOnRent, who are efficient in delivering the best and most cost effective iOS designs. Our list of creative iOS app development services speak for itself.

    iPhone Application Development

    The interest to buy iPhones continues to grow. With iPhone Application development services getting more importance, the requirement for good quality, iPhone Application developers, continues to increase. As an Iphone Application Development Company of repute, DeveloperOnRent makes use of new technologies as a part of our iPhone application development services, with a view to deliverbetter user experiences.Every iPhone App developer from DeveloperOnRent, is familiar with the basic skillsets required for iPhone application development, which includes, HTML 5 and Objective C programming languages.

    Apple App Development

    Apples most widely used IDE or Integrated Development Environment for both iOS and Mac platforms is XCode. Utilizing theadvantages ofXCode, DeveloperOnRent is one of the only formidable iOS app development companies in Bangalore, which can build exquisite, iOS App designs which extensively use XCode as a GUI as well as meet the SWIFT objective, with respect to coding.

    Custom App Development

    In addition to its variety of iOS App development services, DeveloperOnRent is one of the few iOS companies in Bangalore who specialize in Custom App development which also includes cross platform mobile app development. Our iPhone developers are experienced in developing top iOS apps to benefit either an independent user or a group of users within an organization.

    Native App Development

    For DeveloperOnRent, meeting new challenges is a routine activity. Native applications are apps developed with a specific platform in mind. Our iOS App development services include, Native App Development, which can be built to run exclusively on the iOS platform, used by Apple mobile devices. Though Native apps have a tendency to take full advantage of the features of a given operating system, it can take some time and effort to keep them updated. DeveloperOnRent is an award winning iOS app Development Company in Bangalore, which buildslatest iOSapps thatare continuously being upgraded and make use of new hardware features on iPhone handsets.

    Game Development

    One of the most attractive activities, associated with mobile phone development, is Game Development. Such has been the effect of mobile gaming, especially on the youth and kids that purchase of any smartphone or iPhones, is based on the type of new built in games, which the new device comes with. Taking advantage of this success and with a determined development team, DeveloperOnRent has become one of the most preferred game development companies in Bangalore. You can hire iOS App developers from DeveloperOnRent, who have developed mind blowing gaming options, by making use of of technology in its very best way, by implementing GUI interfaces.

    iPAD App development

    In addition to developing iOS Apps for windows, our iPhone developers also have the quality and subject knowledge, to develop apps which can be extensively used on iPADs. With the ever increasing demand for iPADs, the need for iPAD app development has tremendously increased. DeveloperOnRent has been one of the fast growing iPAD app development companies, having a highly experienced development team, offering strong iPad solutions, whether being used on iPad Mini Series or the original iPad itself. Our iOS Developers use latest development tools such as Photokit, Handoff, Manual Camera Controls, Touch ID, etc. with an aim to take user experience to the next level.

    Different Industries We Serve

    As one of the top iOSApp Development Companies in Bangalore, DeveloperOnRent has to its credit, one of the finest and best mobile app developers. When you hire iOS developers from us, you are ensured of quality rich iOS applications, with the use of cutting edge technology. Our iOS App Developers have the expertise in developing a wide range of applications. Our competent team is a well-knit team with perseverance, collaborative spirit and possess a thirst for success, which helps us think beyond just a regulation iOS application development and build iOS Apps across various sectors like,

     ReactJs integration


    We are a custom iOS application development company who help you build iOS App designs, suitable for the Healthcare sector, taking into account all the necessary compliances and adherences, as required by the healthcare sector, which includes HIPAA compliance.
     Joomla application


    Our iPhone App development services include developing Apps suiting various critical business activities. One such key area is Logistics where, our well-equipped iPhone App developers excel in helping you keep a track of all your shipments and get hold of status, as it appears, through a sophisticated Logistics Management system.
    Joomla plugins


    As one of the bestiOS App development company in Bangalore, we cover every key business activity and related sectors. OutiPhone app development services include Finance Management, which has been a challenge for many organizations. With an in-house developed software application, we address every minute detail, as requested by our customers with respect to Finance Management.
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    Retail and E-commerce

    E-commerce based solutions from, DeveloperOnRent compete with the best in business. As one of the premier iOS App development agencies in India, we offer the best on line shopping experience through our self-designed E-commerce portals, meeting customer guidelines and requirement.
    Joomla updates

    Education and E-learning

    Education and E-learning modules are fast replacing the erstwhile classroom based education. Keeping in tune with these technological changes, at DeveloperOnRent, we focus more on keeping the students interested in Education, through most innovative and user friendly iPhone App designs.

    Travel and Tourism

    Our iPhone App developers are proficient in building travel based applications like payment gateways, e-ticketing systems and guided virtual tours to offer an enthralling user experience.

    Key Benefits to choose DeveloperOnRent as an iOS Application Development Company

    IPhones have significantly increased the ability for individuals to communicate with each other. The innovation of iOS Apps, which significantly drive the iPhones, has been a great contribution from technology. This proves beyond doubt that iOS App designs have created a wave amongst mobile phone users. With the availability of iPhones, businesses have been successful in significantly speeding up their productivity. For us at DeveloperOnRent, it was our thought to take this technology forward, in a more fruitful way and develop iPhone Apps which are most widely looked forward, compared to all the Indian Apps. Moreover, DeveloperOnRent, is an iOS App Development company in Bangalore, whereyou can hire iOS app developers, who are aware of the basic building blocks, required for iOS app development and a working knowledge of Java. DeveloperOnRent strictly focusses on the following key points of customer satisfaction;

    Budget friendly iOS App development

    FaA reduced cost of development is always what any customer would be happy with. Interactive and responsive iPhone mobile application development is what satisfies a customer, the most. We have adapted to the digital revolution to perfection, over the past few decades, and been vastly successful in developing attractiveiPhone mobile app designs.

    Creative iOS App Developers

    Creative and skilled iOS developers who can meet the specific needs of any customer.


    Multifaceted developers who have the ability to develop iPhone mobile applications and contribute immensely to the growth of any organization thereby opening up doors for larger profitability in business.

    Meet stringent delivery schedules

    Multifaceted developers who have the ability to develop iPhone mobile applications and contribute immensely to the growth of any organization thereby opening up doors for larger profitability in business.

    Secured Development

    With DeveloperOnRent, you can be rest assured of receiving a fully tested and secured iOS application.

    Team Support at all times

    At DeveloperOnRent, you can comfortably request the support of our project team as and when requirement arises. We are reachable at all times as customers continue to be our top priority.

    Our iPhone App Development Process

    iPhone app development requires a focussed approach. DeveloperOnRent being one of the top iOS application development companies in Bangalore adopts a systematic approach, aimed towards delivering a quality end product, starting from;




    This phase include studying the scope of work, business requirements, operations and technical requirements.




    This phase calls for a complete understanding of the key data for iOS mobile application development which includes scope, timelines, repetitive data and risks involved.


    team deployment


    Right people for the right job are very important as they form the backbone of any development project. We leave no stones unturned to rope in the best in business.




    We value our customer’s time and our time. As such, no time is lost in beginning the project, once approved from all quarters.




    We maintain transparency in project status and adhere to strict deliver schedules. Our clients are well-informed of the progress made at various stages of the project development.


    DeveloperOnRent has been regarded as one of the top iOS companies in Bangalore where our core competency lies in developingcross platform iPhone mobile applications. We showcase new technologies in our mobile application development process which cater to present market requirements. In addition we do a self-study in selecting the best manpower, suiting the specific customer needs. Our USP has always been customer satisfaction.

    We have seen and experienced the huge liking to Apple products. In the last few decades, technology has taken over the world in a real big time. So much so that even the products we purchase, the way we communicate, the way we liveand learn, has been vastly influenced by mobile technology, as smart phones continue to play a major role. Mobile App development has seen a constant rise ever since the erstwhile feature phones were replaced by smart phones and as such iOS app development is here to stay for a long time to come.

    We have a well thought over approach for every project we execute. Our iOS App development process begins right from the initiation stage but doesn’t end at the final delivery stage. We go beyond that and well into maintenance and after sales support. We have a 5 phased approach in executing mobile app development projects. We maintain the highest degree of data integrity and a transparency during project execution.

    It surely is with its wide range of applications. In addition to cost, it saves on time especially for companies, who look to begin their journey in this competitive world, with minimal expenditure and with the embedded features in an iPhone, which it drives, a lot more options await the end user.

    Yes, iOS development can be improved upon and upgraded at any point of time.


    Apart from iOS App development services we excel in hosts of other technologies. Have a look at them-


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