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DeveloperonRent is one of the rapidly growing Magento web development companies in Bangalore which offers respobsive Majento based E-commerce websites. If you are looking for fast and secure websites, choose DeveloperonRent to address all your specific business needs.


Build quality apps with top Magento Web Development Company in India

DeveloperOnRent is a Magento Development Company in Bangalore which has E-commerce development, as one of its key Magento Services. Talking about E-commerce websites, gives us an opportunity to take a closer look at the E-commerce platforms, which run these websites. The Magento Framework is an E-commerce development platform, which is an open source, fast, responsive and user friendly.

Hire Mangento Developers from DeveloperOnRent, who have a complete understanding of the Magento Framework and are very much capable of building feature rich business websites which help you in getting the best possible ROI.

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Our Magento Development Services

Opening doors of success as a powerful open source platform

At DeveloperOnRent, we focus on using developing the With Magento offering a number of tools which can help you to get a complete control of your website, DeveloperOnRent, is a top Magento Web Development Company in India, which makes the best use of new technology. Our Magento Web Development services will surely excite you. When you Hire Magento Developers from DeveloperOnRent, you can be assured of a user friendly, secured and fast website. DeveloperOnRent also has much more to offer than just basic applications. Here’s what you can look forward to with us.

Magento 2Web Development

Magento 2 being seen as the future of Magento comes in with more attractive features which will excite all the Magento Developers. It is seen as a stronger tool to help you manage your online stores in a more effective way. DeveloperOnRent is a rapidly growing Magento 2 Development Company which uses all the new features which Magento 2 has to offer and build strong and user friendly applications. The user friendly and streamlined approach of Magento 2 has helped developers our developers streamline many common administrative activities.

Magento 2 Theme Development

When it comes to building an online store which can give users the best experience, the Magento 2 theme is an obvious choice. Theme is a component which provides a better feel to the storefront and DeveloperOnRent is a Magento 2 theme development company which is committed to deliver the best customer experience by developing quality applications. Our Magento 2 Development team has the required knowledge and Magento coding experience, to meet your project expectations.

Magento E-Commerce Development

With the ever-growing interest towards Magento Website Development, the future especially for Magento E- Commerce development services will be there for a long time. E- commerce business is on a rapid rise and more companies are moving towards including E- Commerce website development as one of their key services. DeveloperOnRent ranks amongst the best E-commerce development companies in India due to its proven experience in developing Magento E-commerce portals. Our Magento Developers make complete use of the Magento framework and develop applications which are secure, scalable, SEO friendly and compatible to work on any platform.

Angular Mobile App Development

DeveloperOnRent is one of the fast growing Angular JS Development Company. When you Hire Angular JS developers from DeveloperOnRent, you get to work with a team who are well equipped with all the pre-requisites required for Angular based Web Development. In addition, we have a team, who has a good understanding of the Angular Node Package Manager which is a general requirement for web and mobile app development.

Magento Extention Development

Magento Extention Development is similar to Magento Plugins Development where additional plugins are used to enhance the performance of a Magento Application. DeveloperOnRent is a Magento extention development company where our well qualified developers have the ability to meet customer demands like Magento customization for extensions, or the necessity to integrate the module into a current Magento project.

Magento Support Services

DeveloperOnRent continues to enjoy the position of being one of the top Magento Development Companies in India, due to our Magento Maintenance and Support services. Our Magento Support services are aimed towards helping our customers take their businesses to the next level by offering support in periodical maintenance and upgradation of their websites with the latest technology in use.

Different Industries We Serve

As one of the top Magento Development Company, we use new technology, in our Majento web services. We are a Magento Development Agency who builds the best and high performance applications. Our Magento Developers, with abundant subject knowledge and experience, are very good in developing a wide range of applications. DeveloperOnRent is one of the few successful Magento web development companies in Bangalore, capable of building customized applications across a wide range of industries.

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DeveloperOnRent is one of the best Magento Development companies in India which excels in developing quality applications for the Healthcare sector. Our Magento services covering Healthcare includes Healthcare Administration and Insurance taking into consideration all the required compliances which have to be met as per the instructions of the healthcare sector.
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Finance management is one of the key responsibilities for any company to handle. As one of the best Magento development companies in India, DeveloperOnRent has put every effort to find a solution to this problem. Hire Magento Developers from DeveloperOnRent, who are capable of building technology driven software applications, aimed at simplifying the process of Finance management and solves the user’s problems to a large extent.
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Retail and E-commerce

When it comes to E-commerce based solutions from, DeveloperOnRent is not far behind and competes with the best in business. As one of the leading Magento web applications development service providers in Bangalore, we offer the best on line shopping experience through well-designed E-commerce portals, aimed at meeting customer guidelines and requirement.
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Education and E-learning

DeveloperOnRent is a Magento Development Agency which continues to play a key role in the Education and E-learning sector as well. Our Magento Web Development Services include building creative and user friendly E-learning modules, making use of the latest technology, which has generated lot of interest in the students.

Travel and Tourism

We are a Magento website Development Company, capable in building travel related applications like payment gateways, e-ticketing systems and solutions for guided tours, to offer an exciting end user experience. Customers can now use our packages and plan their vacations well in advance and have a great time.
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Logistics is another area, which continues to be changing, at an extremely quick pace. Magento, as an open source framework, is quite useful in building strong, user friendly solutions, to suit the Logistics sector. Our Magento web development services include developing useful Apps suiting this important business activity.DeveloperOnRent is one of the few Magento web development companies in Bangalore, which has taken the Logistics sector very seriously and developed a sophisticated Logistics Management System that helps you to track your shipments and know the exact status.

Key Benefits to choose DeveloperOnRent as Magento Web Development Company

In addition to effortlessly handling your online store, Magento helps in a major way, to promote your products and obtain a decent conversion rate. Being an SEO friendly platform, Magento based web development, automatically supports in getting a good rating for your products, thereby giving you an additional source for brand building. Magento’s open source nature and ability to be platform independent, gave DeveloperOnRent an opportunity to showcase our potential as a top Magento E–Commerce Web Development Company in India.

At DeveloperOnRent, we think from a customer’s perspective. With Magento becoming very popular by the day, DeveloperOnRent is a company of repute, where our Magento development team is well aware of the new changes in technology. DeveloperOnRent has been largely successful in meeting our customers’ requirements as we support companies in hiring Magento Developers with good knowledge and skillsets required for web development, Mobile application development and Cross Platform Development, by fulfilling the following parameters.

Budget friendly Magento Web Development

Customers will always look at economical majento web services in addition to good quality. We are a Magento Web Development Company in Bangalore, who build cost effective and user friendly websites. The fact that our Magento web development services include latest technology is the very reason why we are seen as one of the best Magento Web Development Company in Bangalore.

Creative Magento Developers

We have a well set team of creative and skilled MagentoWeb Development team who can meet the specific needs of any customer.


We have a multifaceted development team who have the ability to develop Magento based web and mobile applications. Our efficient developers contribute immensely to the growth of any organization, thereby opening up doors for larger profits, in their business.

Meet stringent delivery schedules

In addition to ensuring quality, we focus on meeting the deadlines, as required by our customers. We stay in constant touch with our customers and jointly work towards meeting our project deadlines.

Maximum Client Visibility

DeveloperOnRent fully understands the significance behind our customers choosing us for their Majento based development requirements. As such we build applications which are SEO compliant and give our customers the best visibility across the globe so that they can promote their products and services well.

Flexible Pay Plan

Customer continues to be our first priority. To retain this faith on us by our customers, we do not compromise on quality. DeveloperOnRent extends flexible payment plans, suiting the customers comfort level and welcomes payments only on complete satisfaction of our customers.

Our Magento Web Development Process

Magento App development requires a much focussed approach towards development. DeveloperOnRent is one of the best Magento Development companies in Bangalore which follows a systematic approach, towards delivering a quality application. Our process begins with,




In The first stage, our Magento Developers study every input received with respect to the project, in detail. The study includes the scope of work, business requirements, operations and technical requirements, related to the development project.




This phase calls for a complete understanding of the important data with respect to inputs which includes repetitive data, development risks with respect to the authenticity of the input data and delivery timelines, based on the complexity of the project.


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Right people for the right job are of paramount importance as they form the backbone of any development project. We hire the best team who can deliver the best product.




We value our customer’s time and our time. As such, no time is lost in beginning the project as soon as our customers approve it.




We maintain transparency in project status and meet strict delivery schedules. Our clients are well-informed of the progress made at various stages of the project development.


We follow a systematic approach to focus on continuous improvement. We maintain the highest degree of business transparency and data integrity. We have creative and skilled Magento web developers who can meet the specific needs of any customer requirement. In addition, we use the latest technology in our Magento Development Services.

The last few decades have seen technology taking over the world in a real big time. So much so that even the products we purchase, the way we communicate, the way we live, and learn has been vastly influenced by technology. With the ever-growing affiliation towards Manjento based web development, there is little doubt in Magentoweb development companies, being around for quite some time to come.

We are a Magento Web Development Agency where our development process begins right from the initiation stage but doesn’t end at the final delivery stage. Our Magento Support services are well known as we focus equally on after sales customer support. As one of the best Magento Web Development Company in Bangalore, we hire web developers who are talented and knowledgeable about the subject. We have a 5 phased approach in executing Magento Web Development projects. We maintain the highest degree of data integrity and transparency during project execution.

Yes, MagentoWeb Development based E-Commerce applications can be improved upon and upgraded at any point of time,


Apart from Magento development services we excel in a host of other technologies:


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