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DeveloperOnRent has quickly emerged as one of the fastest growing mobile app development companies in Bangalore, in a very small period of time. We specialize in delivering customized, top notch mobile app development services at extremely competitive rates. Our potential, as a mobile application development company of repute, to extend full stack mobile application development services, and support a wide range of industries, round the globe, to enhance their growth and ROI, has been well appreciated by all our customers.


Build Mobile Apps with Top Mobile App Development Company in India

The Desktop Apps development has slowly given rise to Mobile App development. Such has been the influence of Mobile Apps, in the last decade or so that we commonly get to hear, "Hey wait! There's and app for that! But developing a competent mobile application is no lesser a challenge today. Technology has thrown in immense competition and there are new players emerging day by day, which are getting into mobile app development. Hence, there arises every possibility of mobile app development companies, promising you a fortune, but delivering a very fragile product.

Amidst this endless competition, DeveloperOnRent is here with purpose to prove that we are ready to face the stiffest challenges, when it comes to delivering quality rich mobile applications. Being one of the leading mobile app development companies in Bangalore, we have what it takes to ensure that we live up to your trust and faith in us and our quality products. Our mobile app design company is best explained by the dedicated team of mobile app developers which we have and the expertise with which our team is able to successfully work on the most complex and challenging projects. By giving us an opportunity to extend the best mobile app development services, you are ensured of a long lasting and fruitful business association with the one amongst the top 10 mobile app development companies in India. DeveloperOnRent has been a mobile application development company in India which adopts a multiple operating system, app development platforms, and devices for developing strong and scalable mobile apps with clean displays.

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Our Enterprise Mobile App Development Services

DeveloperOnRent has been a custom mobile application development company, where wefollow a mobile application development framework driven approach to focus on continuous improvement. As one amongst the best mobile app development companies, our Indian app developers are capable of developing the best and cleanest mobile applications to satisfy the most critical industry application requirements, of the modern business era, which includes

Mobile Web Design

We live up to our customers expectations of being the leading mobile application development in Bangalore, by building engrossing and user friendly mobile applications, that generates extensive customer interest, right through the period, the user uses our mobile applications.

Self-Intuitive Navigation

Fulfilling our customers desire to have a responsive application, which addresses each of their call-to-action requirements, remains our objective. As a mobile application development agency of promise, we develop a comprehensive and user friendly navigation platform which serves as an able guide to all our customers, as they use of applications.

A Complete User Experience

As a mobile app development company of repute in India, we focus in depth of delivering a complete User Experience. To achieve this, we extensively research on key performance indicators (KPI) to ascertain the exact needs of our customers

Strong Back End Mobile Application Development

A strong back end with a flexibility and freedom to help you manage your data is one of the basic needs for every mobile app to function smoothly. We are one of the very few mobile app development companies in India, where this specific mobile app development service includes, a filtered security mechanism, to help you manage your data.

Pro-Active Elements

By engaging the best mobile app development company in Bangalore in DeveloperOnRent, you can experience one of the finest, unique and creative design elements, which adhere to all design standards

UI with a difference

Being a native mobile app development company, building one of the most simple and easy to use UI designs, meeting your exact design specifications, is one of our key contributions, across a wide range of industrial sectors, whom we successfully continue to serve.

Mobile App Platforms we Expertise in

Technology for Innovators

Android, cross platform and iOS are commonly heard these days and why not, as all of them are associated with Mobile app development. It is not just the use of cutting edge technology, in any product development, that matters. It's actually how potently, it has been implemented and this can only happen, if a mobile app development company is equipped with quality mobile application developers, with relevant exposure and expertise. With users accessing the Internet across various devices like a smart phone or a tablet, we have a team that realizes the need to create responsive mobile applications which cater to a diverse customer base. Our company is proud to be recognized, as one of the key and dependable contributors, using niche technology and compatible to work on single platform and cross platforms.

Android Application Development Company

Android App Development, has been one of the key resources, to have taken the smart phone innovation forward. DeveloperOnRent has been one of the competent mobile application development companies in India which has taken into account, every operational feature, Android offers and convert them into a potent mobile application. As an Android operating system comes in very key facilities like supporting NFC or Near Field Communications, supporting the use of multiple keywords, infra-red transmission, which can help you to use your phone as a remote control device and many such key featured, our competent mobile app developers are technically sound to make use of these features and develop the best and cost effective mobile application.

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ios app development company

The Apple iOS operating system, which runs on iPhone, iPad and iPODs, took the world by storm, with its scientific features and user friendly approach. We, as a prominent iOS development company in India, keep our team, in tune with the latest up gradations / changes, with respect to iOS. The experience, expertise and flexibility in developing robust iOS applications, has been received well by all our clients and this motivates us to do better by incorporating the latest technologies on offer. The emergence of iPhones, led to many companies getting into iPhone app development. At DeveloperOnRent, we are out to make a difference and be recognized as one of the versatile and preferred iPhone app development company in India. To achieve this, our expert mobile app developers are well equipped with the expertise using the latest technology and coming out with an entertaining end product.

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Cross platform app development

In addition to single platforms, developing cross platform compliant mobile applications has been a plus point for our mobile app developers. With iPhones and Androids being the trend today and their advanced versions, taking us into the future, cross platform mobile development assumes significant importance. The cross platform mobile app development framework is entirely based on the developers comfort. With cross platform app development giving the freedom to re-use the same code while developing applications, our mobile app developers, help you with a product which meets your budget, enjoys an excellent cloud support, and is simple to test too.

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Different Industries We Serve

Regarded as the best Mobile App Development Companies in Bangalore and India, DeveloperOnRent, is well-equipped with adequate manpower and expertise, who possess the ability to compile technology driven mobile applications across various sectors like,

 ReactJs integration


We are a custom mobile application development company who help you build Mobile App based solutions suitable for the Healthcare sector, which are HIPAA compliant and help in guarding against fraudulent transactions.
 Joomla application


Developing Apps suiting various critical business activities has been our speciality. One such key area is Logistics where, our well-equipped Mobile App developers excel in helping you track shipments and get hold of status as it appears through a sophisticated Logistics Management system.
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Included in our mobile app development services is Finance Management, which has been a challenge for many organizations. With an indigenously developed software application, we address every key detail, our customer requests, with respect to queries on Finance Management.
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Retail and E-commerce

E-commerce based solutions from, DeveloperOnRent compete with any other resources into the same service. As one of the premier mobile app development agencies in India, we offer the best on line shopping experience through meticulously designed E-commerce portals, meeting customer guidelines and requirement.
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Education and E-learning

Education and E-learning modules are fast replacing the erstwhile classroom based education. Keeping in tune with these technological changes, at DeveloperOnRent, we focus more on retaining the student’s interest in Education, through most innovative and creative methods.

Travel and Tourism

Our Mobile App developers are proficient in building travel based applications like payment gateways, e-ticketing systems and guided virtual tours to offer an enthralling user experience.

Key Benefits to choose DeveloperOnRent as a Mobile Application Development Company

There has been a steady increase in the number of mobile app companies globally. With this comes stiff and healthy competition. Amongst the top mobile app development companies in India, where we stand differently is by providing a mobile app which meets the customer's comfort zone. Rated as one of the best mobile app development company in Bangalore, we strictly focus on these parameters of success,

Budget friendly mobile app

A reduced cost of development is always what any customer would be happy with. Interactive and responsive cross platform mobile apps is what satisfies a customer, the most. Having embraced the digital revolution to perfection, over the past few decades, India has been vastly successful in churning out competent and competitive mobile app development companies.

Talented Developers

Creative and skilled web developers who can meet the specific needs of any customer.


Multifaceted developers who have the ability to develop cross platform mobile applications, contribute immensely to the growth of any organization, and open up doors for larger profitability in business.

Meet stringent delivery schedules

Meeting stringent delivery schedules has always been a challenge and top web development companies, strategize their delivery schedules to perfection.

Post Project Support

Your association with DeveloperOnRent does not end with the successful implementation of your project. We extend our association way beyond with extensive post project maintenance support. Our team of developers look forward to assist you at any given instance to improve your experience with the application.

Input Data security

DeveloperOnRent adopts a zero compromise approach on the security of project data and input data. We share project progress only with designated and authorized customer representatives.

Our Mobile App Development Process

Mobile app development warrants a focussed approach. Our team adopts a measured approach, aimed towards delivering a quality end product, commencing from;




Mobile app development warrants a focussed approach. Our team adopts a measured approach, aimed towards delivering a quality end product, commencing from;




This phase calls for a complete understanding of the key data for mobile application development which includes scope, timelines, repetitive data and risks involved.


team deployment


Right people for the right job are of paramount importance as they form the backbone of any development project. We leave no stones unturned to rope in the best in business.




We value our customer's time and our time. As such, no time is lost in beginning the project, once approved from all quarters.




We maintain transparency in project status and adhere to strict deliver schedules. Our clients are well-informed of the progress made at various stages of the project development.


As a successful and custom mobile app development company, our core competency lies in developingcross platform mobile applications. We showcase new technologies in our mobile applications which cater to present market requirements. In addition we do a self- study in selecting the best manpower, suiting the specific customer needs. Our USP has always been customer satisfaction.

The last few decades has seen technology taking over the world in a real big time. So much so that even the products we purchase, the way we communicate, the way we live, and learn has been vastly influenced by technology. Mobile phones have been the one’s which have been greatly influenced by these changes. Mobile App has seen a constant rise ever since the erstwhile feature phones were replaced by smart phones and iPhones and is here to stay for a long time to come.

As a mobile application development company of repute, our development approach begins right from the initiation stage but doesn’t end at the final delivery stage. We go beyond that and well into maintenance and after sales support. We have a 5 phased approach in executing mobile app development projects. We maintain the highest degree of data integrity and transparency during project execution.

It surely is with its wide range of applications. In addition to cost, it saves on time especially for companies, who look to begin their journey in this competitive world, with minimal expenditure.

Yes, Mobile Apps can be improved upon and upgraded at any point of time,

Ionic Angular Development makes use of the Ionic user interface to build hybrid mobile apps with the help of technologies like HTML and CSS.

The innovation of Mobile Apps created a wave amongst mobile phone users. Users could download the convenient app on the phone and use it whenever they wanted. It was not just this factor. It was a thought, to take this technology forward, in an even more fruitful way and our earnest desire to be recognised amongst the top 10 mobile app development companies in India that prompted us to add mobile app development, into our rich scheme of things.


Apart from Mobile App development services we excel in hosts of other technologies. Have a look at them-


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