Our planned approach helps you to take transformational actions liking strategical actions and development
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Partnership @ DeveloperOnRent is matured, nurtured, sharing risks, trust and sharing profits with ambitious goals defined and achieve them as a team. We encourage many to increase revenues, create their image and expand their reach and grow with us. We like to get involve as strategic partner, alliances, joint venture or extended arm with various global companies, consultants and others.

We agree and understand that building strategic alliance, solution, organization or captive is a joint effort and we would love to talk to businesses of all sizes. We work hard, smart, dream big, achieve big, connect and strengthen entire ecosystem.

Global Clientele

Revenue Sharing

Risk Mitigation

Technology Support

Flexible Integrations

Brand Partnership

Promotion and Growth

Resource readiness

Ready-to-go Infrastructure

Non-Competitive Relationship


By agreeing and Implementing right strategy, we ensure achieve maximum business advantage for you at lower operational costs and quick on-time delivery.

We work as your strategic partner to help you achieve business goals within the expected timeline and budget. Our KPI First time Quality framework allows us to avoid wastes and implementation / launch failures. Our hybrid development model is tailored to fit customers' requirements and work model. We help our offshore partners to focus on business and stay ahead with competition and we focus on technologies, innovative solutions to keep them ahead in race.

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