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DeveloperOnRent is one of the leading WordPress Development Companies in India which is known to develop customized websites to clients in India and Overseas. Our website designs are based on strong business ethics where we follow a structured WordPress Development process. Hire WordPress Programmers from DeveloperOnRent and get ready to work on a top class content management system and experience a major difference in your business activities.


Build quality apps with the top WordPress Development Company in India

Any aspiring web developer would like to be a part of the best WordPress Development Company, because of the good amount of advantages, WordPress website development, brings along with it. DeveloperOnRent has scaled its way up as a WordPress Development Company of promise in Bangalore as we have been able to attempt and deliver complex WordPress Design projects in good amount of time. What made us add Wordpress Web Development, into our good library of technology based services, is the wide range of flexibility, it offers to the end user.

Developeronrent falls under those categories of WordPress Website Development companies, who not just make use of new technology but have the potential, to make a difference; by the way it is implemented. As amongst one of the preferred WordPress Development services companies in India, we owe this to our quality WordPress Programmers, whose expertise and commitment, makes it happen for us.

With Web Developers from DeveloperOnRent, you would be sure of a fast, secure and a quality WordPress Website Design.

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Our WordPress Website Development Services

Where Investment Yields Rich Dividends

Wordpress Websites has turned out to be an innovative and one of the most preferred web publishing platforms. Users can download the convenient app on the phone and use it whenever they want. DeveloperOnRent has achieved a significant identity, for being a WordPress Design Company, with quality and expert WordPress Programmers. With WordPress powering almost 40% of the digital world, we, as one of the best competent WordPress Web Development Company in Bangalore, have a well-equipped team of Word Press developers, who can capitalize on their knowledge and deliver more innovative range of products. Our range of WordPress Development Services is self-explanatory.

Custom WordPress Development Services

DeveloperOnRent has Custom WordPress Development has one of its skill full WordPress Development Services. Custom Wordpress development is a completely user friendly platform and there is no need for specific web development expertise or engineers, to edit any application. Hire dedicated WordPress Developers from DeveloperOnRent who are capable of building Customized and best company websites.

Custom WordPress Plug-in Development

Custom WordPress Plug-in development can be used to change the look of the website, at any moment. We are a Custom WordPress Development Company where our WordPress Service includes designing specific plug-ins as requested by the customer to boost the performance of the website.

WordPress Custom Theme Development

DevWe are a WordPress Theme Development Company who help in creating a unique look to your WordPress Website. We are one of the few website companies in India who follow Theme Development Standards and build Themes to take advantage of WordPress Templates as well as providing alternative WordPress Templates for specific features required like Search Results. Our WordPress Programmers are efficient in writing clean and valid codes.

WordPress Maintenance Services

DeveloperOnRent is one of the few companies in Bangalore which includes WordPress Maintenance, as one its key WordPress Web Development Services. By running regular maintenance tasks, we make sure that your WordPress site is always performing at its best.

CMS Web Development

Best company websites are identified on how strong their content management system has been. CMS web development is one of the critical aspects which any web designer will be aware of. Our WordPress services at DeveloperOnRent include developing designs which increase scalability and robustness, easy to maintain and upgrade and reduce the overall project cost. Taking full advantage of the features WordPress offers as an open source CMS tool, Our Designers ensure CMS WordPress Solutions that adhere to WordPress Standards and are Spam protected. Along with Jooomla and Drupal, WordPress forms a potent combination of CMS platforms which we at DeveloperOnRent have taken full advantage of to develop strong content management systems.

WordPress Website Templates

As a WordPress Development Company of great promise, DeveloperOnRent has been continuously focussing on making optimum use of WordPress Templates with a view to create a more cost effective website. WordPress Website Templates not only help in quick creation of websites but also help in making your WordPress Websites, SEO Compliant. DeveloperOnRent has been a Responsive Website Design company in India which builds responsive clean and user friendly websites and credit goes to our talented team of wordpress experts.

Different Industries We Serve

DeveloperOnRent is a competent WordPress development company in India, which uses the latest updates in WordPress Website Design in its web development services. Our WordPress Development Services are not limited to any particular sector. We serve all the leading business sectors which make us a customer's favourite as one of the best WordPress Design Company in Bangalore. Our WordPress Programs have developed user friendly applications across various sectors which includes,

 ReactJs integration


DeveloperOnRent is a custom WordPress Development company in Bangalore which has developed competent solutions for the Healthcare sector. Our specific solutions for Healthcare cover Health Insurance as well as Healthcare Administrative activities like Medical Billing. Hire WordPress Programmers from DeveloperOnRent to experience world class WordPress services in Healthcare management.
 Joomla application


DeveloperOnRent is a professional WordPress Website Design Company which has successfully executed complex projects in the Logistics sectors. Our indigenously developed Logistics Management System is a very good example of our capabilities to deliver quality WordPress Services in Logistics management.
Joomla plugins


Finance management is one of the very critical responsibilities for any company to handle. Hire dedicated WordPress Developers from DeveloperOnRent, one of the best WordPress Web Design Company in Bangalore, who has put great efforts in finding a solution to handle Finance Management. As a custom WordPress development company, our developers have developed a specific application which is aimed at simplifying the process of Finance management and solve the user's problems to a large extent.
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Retail and E-commerce

When you hire a WordPress Programmer from DeveloperOnRent, you can be rest assured of quick and timely delivery of your requirement, without compromising on quality. We are a WordPress website design company who have executed customer centric projects for the E- Commerce companies as well. As one of the top WordPress Development Company in Bangalore, DeveloperOnRent offers the best on line shopping experience through well- designed E-commerce portals, keeping in mind customer guidelines and requirement.
Joomla updates

Education and E-learning

DeveloperOnRent has also executed challenging Projects for the Education sector. Mobile applications continue to play an important role in the Education and E-learning sector as well. DeveloperOnRent is one of the upcoming WordPress Mobile Application Development companies in Bangalore which has kept a track of the latest changes and developed creative and user friendly E-learning Software Modules, which have generated lot of interest in the students.

Travel and Tourism

We are a WordPress Design Company in India, capable of building attractive WordPress Designs for the travel and tourism industry as well. Our WordPress Programmers have successfully developed travel based applications like payment gateways, e-ticketing systems and guided virtual tours, to offer an exciting end user experience. Customers can now use our packages and plan their vacations well in advance and have a great time.

Key Benefits to choose DeveloperOnRent as a WordPress Web Development Company

There has been a steady increase in the number of WordPress development companies globally. With this comes stiff and healthy competition. Where DeveloperOnRent is different is by providing WordPress Websites, which meets the customer's comfort zone. Our Development Company strictly focusses on these parameters of success,

Budget friendly WordPress Web Development

A cost effective website development is always what any customer would be happy with. Having embraced the digital revolution to perfection, over the past few decades, DeveloperOnRent has been one of the few successful WordPress Web Development Companies in India which has developed economically comfortable websites without compromising on quality.

Talented Developers

DeveloperOnRent has a good team of creative and skilled WordPress Programmers who can meet the specific needs of any customer.


Multifaceted WordPress Web Developers who have the ability to contribute immensely to the growth of the WordPress Web Development Company and open up doors for larger profitability in business.

Meet stringent delivery schedules

Meeting stringent delivery schedules has always been a challenge and DeveloperOnRent is categorized amongst the top WordPress Web development companies who strategize and meet their delivery schedules to perfection.

Build SEO Compliant Websites

Our confident developers at DeveloperOnRent help in getting you global visibility by building Wordpress based websites which are SEO Compliant. We build each page which can be customized to meet your requirements.

Build fast and interactive designs

WordPress web applications designed by DeveloperOnRent are extremely fast to load and responsive.

Our WordPress Website Design Process

Wordpress Web Design warrants a focussed approach. Our team adopts a measured approach, aimed towards delivering a quality end product, commencing from the beginning.




This phase is more about studying the scope of work, business requirements, operations and technical requirements.




This phase calls for a complete understanding of the key data for WordPress Website development, with respect to the customer inputs received, which includes scope, timelines, repetitive data and risks involved.


team deployment


DeveloperOnRent continues to be one of the most preferred WordPress Web Development Companies in India, due to its experienced team of Web Programmers. We do not compromise on hiring the best talent available and execute our projects to perfection.




We value our customer's time and our time. As such, no time is lost in beginning the project, once approved from all quarters.




We maintain transparency in project status and adhere to strict deliver schedules. Our clients are well-informed of the progress made at various stages of the project development.


WordPress Developers are in great demand. Thanks to the advantages WordPress brings along with it. DeveloperOnRent makes no compromises in hiring the best talent, well equipped with all the necessary skillsets and operational experience. By hiring our WordPress Developers, you stand to gain a solid workforce, who is determined to develop the best, user friendly application. Our Developers are backed up with,

  • A Good Understanding of HTML
  • A sound knowledge of JavaScript and CSS
  • Out of the box thinking and strategizing abilities
  • A good knowledge of SEO and understanding of SEO compatible website development
  • Possess skills to develop websites suiting various screen sizes and compatible with all platforms.
  • The last few decades has seen technology taking over the world in a real big time. So much so that even the products we purchase, the way we communicate, the way we live, and learn has been vastly influenced by technology. With the ever-growing affiliation towards WordPress based apps, there is little doubt in WordPress development companies, being around for quite some time to come. With rapid changes in technology, there could be prospects of upgrading the websites frequently

    Our development approach begins right from the initiation stage but doesn’t end at the final delivery stage. We go beyond that and well into maintenance and after sales support. We have a 5 phased approach in executing WordPress Website development projects. We maintain the highest degree of data integrity and a transparency during project execution.

    Yes, WordPress based Apps can be improved upon and upgraded at any point of time,


    Our WordPress Developer resources understand and value your concerns and that's why
    they ensure that apart from having cutting-edge apps, you leverage from several other benefits.

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